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Q: We are based in Dubai. I would appreciate if you could let us know how we can associate each other to produce Corporate Videos for UAE based Companies.

Your earliest response will be highly appreciated.

Creative Director

A: We can provide different levels of video and presentation consultancy and services for your local UAE clients.

These can ranges from:

> Fresh marketing perspective, based on Noughties-not-Nineties marketing ideas

> Actual scripting and storyboarding of videos and presentations, with full creative input

> Guidance for video editors

> Postproduction for a Noughties-not-Nineties finish.

> Specific graphics and animations

> Commission music production

We can work via email, or travel to Dubai for initial meetings where your client may wish to see us in the flesh.

One overseas production we recently completed was a video project partnering with a video production company in Ireland.

They were looking for the extra know-how that could come from a top line English production company. They were doing this on instructions from their client who was pushing for “something new – something different”.

I personally went over there and outlined all that we could do that was “different”. They liked it as it was a distinct departure from the usual video styles they’d been buying-in for the last 10 years.

From then on everything went by email, plus one video conferencing session, where we discussed creative approaches with the No 3 guy in this huge Irish client.

Previously we’d worked this way with a company in New Jersey in the States, where it went equally well, so we were travelling down a reasonably well-established route.

The local production company in Ireland were well capable of acquiring all the video footage needed for the programme, and taking care of most of the editing.

Our input was more in how to develop a:

> Fresh creative outlook, which meant producing a much shorter more impactful video than was originally envisaged

> Fresh script and storyboard approach, which meant eliminating voiceover and presenters, which caused a surprise at first (wot? no voiceover!)

> Fresh post production approach, which included commissioning an original music score, as well as recommending buying-in new post production colour correction software

In the final stages, their video editor travelled to England with a hard disk that we plugged into our main edit suite. This enabled the editor to learn from our editor directly, then finish the rest of the work off in Ireland.

It was worth the cost of the editor travelling, as:

> The client was happy with the result

> The Irish company were effectively upskilled by working in our studio for a day with a top post production editor.

The original plan wasn’t to travel to UK, but in the end it was felt that it was worth it.

Importantly throughout all of this, we were flexible and transparent in our approach.

When working overseas it’s easier for innocent misunderstandings to grow into problems. Regular and open communication stopped this from ever happening.

Because of this experience, we certainly feel partnering video production with a Dubai company is very feasible.

Here’s a link to our International video production services page 

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