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Q: I am looking for a presentation package as part of our companies new branding exercise. We are looking to have a purpose built, video presentation package put together for our re-launch of our new website.

Can you send over some examples of the presentations and videos that you have produced in the past??

Head of Business Development
Design Group, London

A: Yesterday we established the importance of using animation to add presence to a message, especially for something as pivotal as giving more prominence to a brand.

The animations we produce at Studio Rossiter are broadly of a few different types, and all have their place

At the lower end are the short video banners. These add liveliness and appeal to a web page. They can deliver a short well structured advert with a strong branded presence. And if they’re designed well, then people will stop to enjoy them. Generally the bigger the banner, the more people will notice.

If you want to be really clever about it, you can make the whole banner clickable so that people are directed to an Enquiry Form, or other online goal page.

Moving up, we believe that a lot can be done with bespoke illustrations and music,. But these videos, while very engaging, are more about showing how customer problems are solved rather than impressing a brand presence.

So you might want to look at powerpoint-writ-large style of pop-up presentations. Obviously these presentations are more sophisticated than powerpoint could ever do, but they do spell out a powerful business story in the way that powerpoint aims to do. And they can be accompanied by voiceover, which adds a further dimension to the presentation. 

So the choices are reasonably clear: A large scale banner to add life to flat boring pages while giving great prominence to your brand (why not buy these in threes and liven up lots of pages?), or a successful service cartoon tale to music, or maybe a highly branded pop-presentation with voiceover – or any mix of all three.

Isn’t it great to have all this choice these days now that flash animation can do so much?!

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