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Why Video Marketing Works

It’s about: Watching, Trusting, Buying

If you’re thinking about having a marketing video produced, you want to be sure that it will perform and be worthwhile.

In any marketing assessment, you need to know three things:

> there’s a big enough crowd to sell your goods to,

> the crowd will think better of you and in turn trust you more

> you can make a profit from the crowd

I’ve researched some statistics to cover each of the above.

1. A statistic from the prestigious business magazine, Forbes –

‘75% of executives say they watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. ‘

Straight away we qualify that the audience is there.

These are your typical Buyers: Marketing Directors, Business Development Managers etc…

Most of them are watching video all the time – the only thing that will change in the future is that these numbers will get bigger.

While these potential clients are increasingly watching more video, are you in their sights?

Or are they watching your competitors videos?

2. In 2013, Animoto did a video study which revealed that –

‘71% of surveyed people said that videos can leave a positive impression of a company’

Leaving a positive impression is a great differentiator when you’re trying to get noticed amongst a sea of competitors.

Get yourself remembered!

In fact, Animoto went further, also adding –

‘58% of surveyed people consider companies with online video to be more trustworthy.’

Any savvy marketer knows that if a potential client doesn’t trust you, they are not going to buy.

Trust is the basis of all business. People need to be certain.

Anything you can do to increase trust will have a positive effect on your business.

3. ‘51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide cite video as the type of content with the best ROI’ -eMarketer

When it comes to any new marketing venture, the biggest question on everybody’s mind (especially your boss’s!) is ‘How much will we make from it?’.

I may not be able to tell you that if you buy a type X video it will give you £Y ROI (no content marketer can make a promise that specific), but this type of survey gives a clear indication that video does make you money.

Whether through a direct sale after watching the video or increasing brand awareness eventually leading to an indirect sale – it all adds up.

In addition, video analytics allow you to measure:

> How many people watched the video

> How much of it they watched

> Where the viewer is located

> What they did afterwards (make online enquiry, view different page, )

Anything that can be measured can be improved, so you can experiment with where you put the video on your website, or how you promote it through social media and Youtube to ensure you get the best possible ROI on your video.


The above statistics are a compelling case for video, however much of this still hinges on the quality of your video.

Just producing a video for the sake of having a video will give you fewer benefits, and in some cases will even damage your reputation

So leave it to the professionals

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