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Q: I am looking for a quote to produce a 3-4 min video which can be played on loop at an exhibition. Can you give me a rough cost for a finished basic promotional video? Many thanks.

PR & Advertising Exec
Marketing Agency

A: Decent corporate videos cost £10k or more.

You can get them for less, but they look like it.

The real value of a corporate video comes from using it for a few years or more, rather than just once for a single event like an exhibition or conference.

If the video is only required for a one-off event, like an exhibition or conference, then I’d suggest producing a multimedia presentation.

An exhibition or conference presentation will look impressive, and cost half the price of a video.

This is because although presentations use a lot of programming and design skills, they don’t usually require lots of expensive video shooting days. This is what helps keep the price down, and make it affordable.

Here’s an example of a sales presentation which is not too dissimilar in style to a conference or exhibition promotional presentation.

It looks fantastic full screen, and its animated style will attract people from across the exhibition hall if you play it high enough and large enough.

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