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Q: I am planning to do video email marketing for my company. For that I need a video talking about our services and offers. Please tell me how can you help in creation of that video and how much would it cost?

Marketing Manager

A: For video email marketing I’d obviously suggest a short punchy video.

The first idea to consider is a presenter talking to camera, if this is suitable for what you offer.

The reason for suggesting this option first is that a presenter – or a talking head – doesn’t move that much compared to, say, whizzy graphics or animation. This can be a factor when streaming, as the more movement there is onscreen, the more likely the streaming may be jerky on poor connections, or look more fuzzy.

By comparison, a presenter with stills and graphic captions is relatively non-moving and will stream better, which is always more convincing to a viewer than a possibly jerky or fuzzy image full of pyrotechnics.

The presenter style of video is usually cheaper to produce, so if cost is a factor then this offers a low cost route.

Another idea I’d suggest is to produce, say, three quite short videos of 30-60 seconds each, rather than a single longer video of 2-3 mins.

When video email marketing, you need a fast message that very quickly solves the viewer’s problem. If the first video offers a solution to the problem, there’s every likelihood they’ll click a second video which describes your solution to their problem in more detail.

Or they can click direct to your site, and see more video information there.

Either way, you can be fairly sure that if they click a video once, and like what they see, they’re very likely to click another video, or even another, as they’re people who like clicking streaming video.

The set of rules apply if you video needs a product demonstration.

You can budget anything up to £5,000 for this kind of video production. It depends who and what you require.

The streaming side is relatively inexpensive. And although it costs more when more people click, you’ll get a far higher return on investment so it usually works out profitably.

Compared with other traditional forms of marketing, video email marketing could well work out far cheaper, while delivering a far clearer and more effective sales message.

The next problem is to find suitable email lists to send your video ecast to, but hopefully this reply answers some of the video issues.
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