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Q: We’re looking for a video advertisement to help sell our B2B products and services.

We’re an energy and cost management group with a busy website. We need to get our benefits up there more prominently in front of potential clients.

What avenues do you recommend?

Cost Management Consultancy

A: A video advertisement may well be an optimal route to market for your business message.

Utility cost reduction is wide field encompassing energy, gas, water, waste and telecommunications.

But nonetheless the underlying message is a simple one.

It’s a Cost Busting message.

The overall proposition can be wrapped up in a short advertising script, like this:

Energy, telecommunications and waste costs cripple companies

These costs can be intelligently reduced by a whopping 25% to 60% or more

Free of charge we’ll analyse your every energy expense area in four ways.

We’ll quickly show you how much you can save.

The results will amaze you!

All companies and organisations are eligible.

Hurry. Call or write – now

Is there any need to say any more when getting the core message across? At the initial stage of enquiry more info will only confuse the issue.

I’d suggest packaging this message as a low cost 30 second video advertisement.

View samples of small business videos here

The resulting video ad commercials are very popular, and could be delivered to customers through these channels:

> on your web pages

> at the start of presentations

> looped at exhibitions, conferences & seminars

> given to client champions on a usb stick (windows or mac)

> you tell me

These are powerful ways to communicate, and there’s no reason not to assume your ad won’t work.

It will deliver more prospects faster.

They don’t need to post or feedback comments or reply as on youtube. Just submit a few details and enquire.

The cost is a no-brainer, so as part of a campaign, clever marketers could experiment and split test different ads on different pages of the web network if preferred. Multi-ad production and testing theme variants could be built-in a fundamental part of the project. That way you’d be able to research and refine what works best, what is most effective for you.

Because cost is low, it’s not a giant step to producing video advertisements for all your different areas of cost reduction.

So you could have an energy video ad, a water ad, a waste ad, a telecommunications ad and so on.

Each ad could be positioned prominently on its relevant landing page on your website.

In this way you’ll be continuously engaging visitors, using audiovisual for people to watch and so promote a sales enquiry, rather than relying on just text on the page, or a white paper download. Today we employ television on the internet instead of a offering a book or brochure.

A video advertisement is a great way of using technology to convert more visitors to genuine sales enquiries. It’s a new method – the online video advertisement

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