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Q: We’re a utility company in Yorkshire. We need something to play in our reception to meet-and-greet visitors.

What do you suggest?

Marketing Manager
Utility Company

A: For a reception meet-and-greet presentation, I’d suggest keeping to a runtime of 2 minutes, with the presentation playing on autoloop. This will fit the average visitor availability time.

This in turn suggests you need a video rather than a multimedia, as videos are more powerful over a 2 minute timespan – multimedias tending to be longer. The cost is about the same, so really it’s a matter of preference for you – video production or multimedia production.

The video needs to have a graphically visual message, such as captions and images set to music, as an endlessly looping voiceover video message will drive your receptionists mad!

A 2 minute video with animated captions and relatively quiet but interesting music will probably be most suitable.

The intro video on this page is an example of something softer, more suitable to visitors

Looking beyond the reception meet-and-greet function, you have an opportunity to produce a short new company scope & capability video if you wish, the sort of 2 minute video that your sales people could use in all their calls to customers, perhaps as part of their powerpoints?

You could also stream the video in your website. Or play it at exhibitions and events.

If you kept these options in mind when developing your reception visitor video, a new company video presentation would give you a lot more bang for your buck.

It shouldn’t make any difference to the price you pay.

Adding value to your visitor presentation will give everyone a lift – something to be proud of.

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