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If you read our recent blog ‘Video and the B2B Buying Process’ then you already have a better understanding of the shift in marketing and sales – outbound is out, inbound is in.

(If you didn’t get a chance to read Video and the B2B Buying Process, here it is.)

This blog will show you how video can move first time web visitors along your sales funnel to becoming a customer.

Within inbound marketing your sales funnel consists of –

Top of the funnel (TOFU) – These people have just visited your website once – maybe twice. They may be interested but they are far from making a decision

Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) – They’ve given your website a few visits, probably downloaded some of your whitepapers, or checked out your blog – they might have even briefly spoken to a rep.

They’re getting warmer, however they still aren’t ready to make a proper decision on anything .

Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) – These are the people who are ready to make a decision, they’ve visited your website at least half a dozen times, and probably had numerous communications with your business.

– They’re ready to be closed!

How video can help the funnel

You want to start by considering what questions people at each stage of the funnel have.

Once you have worked that out then you can produce a video that answers these questions in a way that smoothly moves them along your sales funnel.


Someone who is TOFU doesn’t really know your business, they want to know that you can provide the goods/services they need and that they can trust you – they don’t need a great amount of detail.

A company overview video would be ideal for this.

Let’s pretend your business is XYZ Software Solutions – your video would tell them :

> What different software you offer, what it does

> A little bit of history on XYZ Software Solutions

> Any accreditations you have

So the video tells them that your business can provide what they want, but also gives them a lot more familiarity.

So when they look further into the goods/services they want – your business is the first one they think of and they visit your website again.

Bit by bit, they become MOFU.


The visitor knows you sell what they want, and they’re getting comfortable with your business.

The next set of questions will be less about your business and more about the specific goods or services that they require.

Pretending you’re XYZ software solutions again, the visitor now knows they want XYZ lead management software, so the questions they have are about –

> features of XYZ lead management software

> whether it’s easy to implement into their current system

> cost

So to satisfy the MOFU visitors questions and move them to BOFU, the smart move would be to have a specific video for each of your goods/services.

2016 Guide to Digital Marketing


We’re getting closer now, however to assume in this day and age that the visitor is only speaking with your company is naive.

The safer assumption is that they are looking at your business and 1 other – quite possibly 2.

The visitor is comfortable with the idea of doing business with you and your competitor, and knows you both have the software with all the features that they want.

Their question at this point is ‘Which one do I choose?’

This is where you have to stand out and differentiate yourself.

So in the case of XYZ Software Solutions, these differentiators might be –

> Best track record of customer service

> Some form of discount

> Fastest and simplest implementation in the market

So ideally now, your differentiator video has answered their last question and the visitor becomes your customer.


Hopefully this has shown you how a well implemented Video strategy can stage-by-stage turn your cold first time website visitors into leads and into a sale.

To see some of the videos we’ve produced for our clients to help them achieve this, take a look at our Marketing Video Production page

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