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Now that many companies have produced their first marketing video, the question now on everybody’s lips is “where do I go next with video from here?”

I’d immediately suggest taking a close, calculated look at your prospective clients and determining where they sit in your Sales Funnel.

Sales funnel?! In video?! Whassat?!

Let’s take a look, and learn about:

> The ROI Video

> The Detailed Solution Video

> The Differentiator Video

But first let’s step back and understand what the Sales Funnel is all about, and why it affects your 2015 Video Marketing Plan.

The Sales Funnel & Video

There are 3 stages to any sale.

And you need video for each of these three stages.

The stages are:

The Top of the Funnel which is the earliest stage in the Buying Process, where clients are broadly considering what sort of solutions are available

– though there is no clear commitment or budget to buy.

They’re merely taking a look and wanting to understand if a particular solution – including yours – might help them

– and they’ve happened to arrive at your website, seeking beginner info.

They don’t even know if they want yours or anybody’s solution at this stage.

The Middle of the Funnel is where clients now understand they have a lot to gain, and are actively seeking information and alternatives, learning about your solution and others.

This is the active information-gathering stage.

The Bottom of the Funnel is the closing stages, where the client knows what they want.

They’re actively seeking to appoint a new supplier from among 2-3 clear candidates.

Video & The Sales Funnel

There’s every chance your existing video covers a bit of all three stages in the Sales Funnel

– as a kind of grand overview, perhaps highlighting your scope & capability.

The next stage on from this is to produce video for each stage in the sales funnel.

For example, at the Top of the Funnel, they might want to watch an ROI Video, explaining why how your solution makes them more money, or saves them more time, or other notable efficiencies.

They need to know their Return On Investment to be interested in any solution – yours or a competitors.

So let them hear it from you.

Later, in the Middle of the Funnel, when the client is seeking detailed info, is the perfect time to provide a video that explains much greater detail about your company’s solution

– and why it is superior to other offerings in the marketplace.

It might be your product spec, or your technology, or the way you do business that gives you the edge.

Now’s the time to use video to explain yourself clearly and well.

So use a Detailed Solution Video.

Another example with the Bottom of the Funnel, where the client probably has 2 or 3 suppliers in mind, and needs help in choosing the right one, ie, you.

This client needs to see a Differentiator Video.

A Differentiator, or Diff Video, goes through the key points of your solution

– and point for point demonstrates their superiority with other solutions in the marketplace

– without ever mentioning your competitors by name.

You might offer faster delivery, or a new level of technology, or a better product or service.

In the Diff Video you tell them exactly how.

It’s hard-hitting. But at this late stage in the sales Funnel, you don’t need to beat around the bush.

You need your client to see exactly where you’re the best in a confusing marketplace.

2016 Guide to Digital Marketing


The advantages of the Sales Funnel approach to producing video

Recognising the 3 different stages that clients are at in their sales journey is crucial.

Only this way can you feed them exactly the information they need at exactly the time they need it.

And by doing this, suddenly your company becomes highly relevant to the client seeking authoritative information in your marketplace.

The benefits of this approach are:

> customers can see the difference between you and competitors

> customers understand the sophistication of your offering, by using video in measured doses, timed to fit where they are in the buyer’s journey.

> customers will perceive your company as having the most useful website by far.

> watching more of your videos reinforces your brand in their eyes.

It’s often said that if you can lay the ground rules for a tender, then you have the best chance of winning.

Adopting the Sales Funnel video approach does exactly this.

It allows you to define the rules.

You can check out marketing video samples here.


Ignore the Sales Funnel at your peril. It’s 2015.

Marketing video fits perfectly into the Sales Funnel.

Typical examples are as follows, but you may well have your own ideas too:

> Top of funnel deploys an ROI Video opens the opportunity

> Middle of funnel needs a Detailed Solution Video to educate your customer

> Bottom of funnel needs a Differentiator Video to close the deal.

By mirroring the Buyer’s Journey, this approach will enable you to perfectly position your next batch of marketing videos in your marketplace.

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