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As business software markets grow more crowded it’s easy for your application to become buried in a sea of “me-too’s”

– among applications that have broadly similar functionality to your software

– and target similar marketplaces.

There’s often little perceivable difference to the untrained eye.

Today we live in an age of miracles – the new digital reality – with an application for virtually every business sector and job function – almost.

And each new application is promising more of

> big data integration,

> the ultimate user experience,

> with online everything on demand

> yet so easy to use that a minimum wage operative could use it (well, almost!)

We see apps designed to increase sales, increase efficiency, build profit, reduce costs, save time and even remember to buy your wife a valentine’s day card.

Never has there been so much software, so much choice.

And yet the software developer has to still stay ahead of the game

– and stand out from the crowd.

So how’s it done?

How does a business software development house stand out.

The word is Differentiation.

Differentiation – the why

If you don’t differentiate, then your potential web visitor customer will think you’re the same as the last app, the last youtube software video they saw.

The only big difference they’ll notice is that “you’re blue-looking, while the other one was grey-looking”.

Does this ring any bells?

In a crowded marketplace you must differentiate or die.

Differentiation – getting started

Examine your competitors’ websites with a clear, frank and open mind.

Identify who the target in your marketplace to beat is, or who presents the greatest overall threat to your business.

Now watch their main software video.

It’ll probably be a pretty good video if they’re the market leader.

Your challenge is to achieve a similar quality of persuasive video message, without sounding “me-too, me-too, me-too”.

Differentiating with the video script

The differentiation process starts with developing a different script to your competitors.

Broadly, I’d suggest a more direct, harder-hitting approach, with clear business messaging

– in contrast to a fuzzier, “be-your-best-mate” approach, which is common.

Advertising research shows that real, qualified buyers – as apart from mere corporate time wasters – prefer clear, to-the-point adverts that spell out what they get.

So let the script speak a more direct harder hitting message

– and leave the “be your best mate” approach to others.

Talking more directly will win you more enquiries, demo signups, and email opt ins.

How to write a differentiating video script – in detail – will be the subject of a future blog here in the pages.


Differentiating with the video visuals

The other way to differentiate your business software application is visually.

And this starts with research.

Ensure your video production company are capable of researching & developing a graphic theme for you.

You need something new looking that:

> has not been seen before

> puts clear blue water between and your leading competitors

> while still staying true to your brand image.

Once you’ve developed a clearly different visual graphic theme for your video’s look and feel

– then your customer will also see a clear visual choice

– just from the video imagery alone.

The take-home message is – Look Different.

Make it easy for the client to tell the difference.

Just don’t take it too far and look crazy!


Neglect to differentiate at your peril

Plan to be different

Make your script more hard hitting, or otherwise sound different

Research to develop a different visual look & feel to your video

This is how you can differentiate your business software in a crowded marketplace.

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