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Q: We’re a facilities management company with over a 1,000 field engineers, many of whom come into regular contact with our customers. We’d like to enable our engineers to give company presentations so they can introduce new services we provide.

FM Services Company

A: A voiced multimedia presentation is the optimal solution, as it meets these criteria:

> It will look impressive, so the engineer will be proud to show it

> It will talk so the engineer isn’t required to learn “lots of new spiel”

> The customer will get a guaranteed perfect repeatable message every time.

It’s very costly to send trained professional salespeople to visit all customers, especially as many of the visits will be speculative, as by no means will all your customers need all your many different services.

On the other hand, the cost of a high quality talking multimedia presentation is a one-off cost that can be budgeted for, while the actual presentations by the engineers to your customers cost you nothing. The engineer simply has to ask for a spare 15 minutes to “show them something new”. This is an easy request.

If, after viewing the presentation with the engineer, a customer does show interest in a new service, then the engineer can immediately alert one of your sales professionals, who can then arrange to visit a customer who has been pre-qualified.

In addition salespeople will appreciate being supplied pre-qualified leads. It’s far more effective to have them pursuing solid leads than becoming jaded from chasing too many “maybes”.

A multimedia of around 15 animated text and image slides, complete with professional voiceover will provide all you need to effectively deliver your message without recourse to a sales professional.

Once the engineer has completed the presentation, interested customers can also be left a copy of the multimedia cd so they can show it to their colleagues and start the ball rolling internally within their company.

If you want to pay a little extra, the professional salespeople can also be provided with a variation of the presentation that will ensure that they too deliver an effective presentation. For example, a click-through version (non-voiced) could be produced, one that they could talk over in a similar way to a powerpoint, but in a far more compelling and persuasive way.

It’s also possible to produce a small 3 slide version that the salesperson could leave as a business card.

Taken together, a voiced presentation for engineers, a non-voiced click-through version for sales people, and a short punchy 3 slide talking business card will provide you with a comprehensive solution.

It’s a smart idea to harness engineers as sales people. All they need is the support that a multimedia presentation will provide.

Sample presentations can be viewed here

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