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Explain your Stats

Infographics are a great way to express figures and statistics.

Using them in a video creates a style that is easily digestible for a potential client.

Animated infographics educate your audience through visuals and storytelling.

For example - you want to say profit margins can increase through using your software - it's easy.

Having an animated bar graph with a clear additional profit - delivers your message in a much more impactful way than a simple caption.

You can read it in milliseconds.

Custom Graphics

Custom graphics give you the ability to dream up anything you like, including line graphs, pie charts, maps or an icon of your store like the image below.

And the good news is that we build graphics from scratch so there is no repeatable imagery from video to video.

- which keeps you head and shoulders above your competitors.

Because we start from the drawing board it's easy to implement your existing branding and new ideas into a coherent infographic video.

Explain your business processes

Your business process can be anything from explaining in depth financial software to the production of customised home address plaques.

Multiple icons help reiterate a repeatable process - explaining that 'video generates buyers' is much easier with the visual representation below.

Internal Presentations

Infographic videos are a great way to explain quarterlies to the board.

Internal presentations like these will boldly stand out to anybody with minimal effort on your part - the video will speak for itself.

Flexible Integration

Maybe you have existing images of your product or a previous video which is unlike the style of infographics?

You'll be surprised how well we can in-set your stills and video into graphics - it adds to the overall quality of the video.

You get to showcase your product and communicate vital information alongside - creating one clear deliverable package.

Overall it is much easier to explain complicated processes with animated infographics - especially if you want statistics, processes to be the main focus.

Take a look at our Infographic video production page


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