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> How many times do customers struggle to grasp your telesales proposition?

> How many of your new starter telesales staff fail because they don’t grasp how to put across your proposition effectively?

> How many potential customers do you have who need to think about it but don’t come back because they don’t grasp your proposition well enough to convince co-decision makers such as friends, colleagues and spouses?

A flash presentation could be the solution you’re looking for.

It works like this:

Telesales: If you’re interested in Our Big Benefit could you go online here (say web address). It’ll take you 30 seconds to decide if you’re interested. Are you online?

Customer: Yes, I’m online

Telesales: Type

Customers: Okay I’m there

Telesales: Click the big coloured button – can you see it?

Customer: Yes, clicking it now … ah, yes

Telesales: Can you see the Big Benefit – is this the sort of thing you’re looking for?

Customer: Maybe

Telesales: Click it, and I’ll show you the pitch in 30 seconds – okay?

Customer: Okay

Immediately the telesales person can engage the customer in a visual dialogue.

They can talk the customer through the presentation with a series of simple clicks til the sales goal is arrived at.

The big benefits of this approach are:

> The customer can visualise the proposition while the sales person talks them through. This is crucial as many people can’t handle a proposition in the “mental way” a telesales pitch is delivered

> It’s equally easy for new starters.

> The Customer can return to proposition later to consider it with friends, colleagues and spouses
A flash proposition also looks impressive and adds credibility to your proposition, your telesales person, and your company

There can be problems with this approach, but they can be overcome. Here are examples:

Not Online
Arrange to call them back when they are.

Explain how uniquely visual the proposition is, and how they need to actually see it

Mistyped Web Address
Get their email and send them a standard email link immediately

In 10 seconds they can be online

No Speakers
Use a visual flash that doesn’t depend on sound.

We found 50% of people did have speakers – but then 50% don’t.

The Proof
The proof is well documented science:

Classic BBC research shows that when sight and sound are combined then information retention is almost doubled.

This time-proven suggests that when a compelling visual (the flash presentation) is combined with sound (the telesales voice) then the customer grasp of the proposition is twice as good as just the telesales voice alone.

What Sort of Flash Presentation Do You Need?
Flash presentations vary so much. Each is individually tailored to the precise needs of the proposition.

A flash can include:

> Animated images and text to capture and lead the eye

> Different tabbed sections to explore different customer needs/objections

> A definite sales outcome/goal

Click to see examples of animated web video

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