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Do you want your corporate or web marketing video to have more impact and engage your audience?

You may need a professional presenter.

A video presenter can bring your business message – your script and video – to life.

A video production with a professional presenter can give you and your video something different to usual voiceover or event silent video alternative, it can create a powerful impression of your company.

Some audiences or products would benefit from the human touch & feel that a presenter would bring.

Presenters help you talk to the customer (your audience) directly, not speak at them, or merely address them.

The presenter is communicating to you personally, one to one.

This gives your video a new level of persuasiveness.

And your message increases in credibility!

Professional presenters are genuine artists with known likeable qualities.

They will immediately transfer that likability to your product – perfect for short sales pitch videos.

Here are some tips to use when filming a presenter video:

> Film in front of a green screen, and then in post production dub the presenter against a

corporately styled background.

> Or film against white for a clean simple look -that will give a good skin tone, and add softness.

> Use a teleprompt/autocue to ensure perfect delivery.

> Combine with post production to make a visually compelling video.

If you’re filming in front of green screen, during post production you can further enhance your web video production using still images, graphics, animation and captions alongside your presenter to edu-tain and engage your audience.

If you’re wondering how to reduce your bounce rate, as screens of text no longer cut it in 2011 – use a presenter video.

They can easily demonstrate products – showing the audience how to use them easily without long explanations, or quickly get the benefits across.

If you properly index your video with video sitemaps and more – you can use it as a SEO tool – bringing new visitors to the site.

Have a look at our newest presenter at Studio Rossiter, Emma Redman:

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