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A wide range of enterprise class software developers need Upmarket Software Demo Video solutions

– a suite of videos that work harder and tell more than a simple “quickie” solution.

For example:

> When trying to break into a new market or region

> Differentiating from aggressive competitors

> Selling high value implementation & support services

> Targeting C Level clients

The missing link for these devs is often a software video production partner that they can properly trust.

With this in mind, here’s 3 case studies of recent projects.

We’ve withheld the clients’ names in accordance with their wishes.

1. A Product Pricing Tool Vendor

The Need

Our client developed an enterprise level software solution to help companies pick the right price points for their products.

It was tailor-made for CFO’s and CEO’s, right through to national department heads.

By drawing on existing local & big data, the package enables companies to see:

> how high a price the market can stand for each product or product range

> where pointless, repeated discounting is hurting the business

> play “what-if” with pricing policy

> identify which divisions have got it right – and which have got it wrong.

They already had success with their solution in the US and Canada, but they were hoping to break into the UK and European markets.

As their app is a big ticket product, they would often hold workshops for their potential clients.

So another reason for producing the video was to self-eliminate prospects who were never likely to buy

– allowing them to really concentrate on qualified prospects.

What we did

Our client had a workshop planned that could win them a keynote deal.

They knew that by using video, they could present their pitch more effectively

– as it ‘s very easy to get lost in the detail of software, and miss the core take-home profit messages.

With only 2 weeks before the tender pitch, they came to Studio Rossiter for our Fast Track video production service.

With weekend working, we delivered on our promise of 2 week delivery (phew)

What they said

This was our 3rd production with this particular client.

The reason for coming back to Studio Rossiter, is that they always get delivery on-time and are continually impressed by the quality of production.

“Looks fantastic! Best one yet!” was the response we got.

Video number 4 is in the pipeline.

Additionally their parent company in Canada has also been in touch to further develop their video marketing penetration for North America.

2. A Real-Time Financial Management Tool Vendor

The Need

Our world brand client has 3 competitors who all look as good as them, in their initial offerings.

However, where our client was able to differentiate themselves was through the implementation, support and additional added-value services they offer.

In this critical sector, the post sales support is just as important as the app itself.

But this wasn’t the only factor in needing a world-beating software video demo.

Our client was planning large scale global expansion and came to us because of our in-depth experience in high level financial markets.

They asked for a strong & clearly differentiated message to enable wider market penetration at C Level (ie CEO, CFO, CIO, COO etc)

What we did

Studio Rossiter were well aware that this app was up against serious competition.

In fact, the initial offerings in this sector were all too close to compare.

However, Studio Rossiter was able to script their videos in a way that clearly highlighted the differences that set our client apart from the competition through:

– superior support

– flawless implementation

– and a nil-risk world brand that generated Trust

Through a combination of using professional actors (filmed in New York and The City) and animated software screens, we were able to show what it’s actually like to use the app on a daily basis.

This enabled CFO’s to feel that “they could do it too”.

And more importantly, when a production issue does arrive – how it’s resolved quickly & effectively.

What they said

So far the software video has been at the forefront of their UK and US marketing campaigns with plans to enter the Japanese markets asap.

As well as giving them the differentiated marketing message they needed they said “It looks fantastic”.


3. Software to streamline medical production processes

The Need

Our client had developed a software package that allows for the streamlining of medical production processes.

By utilising this software, health trusts are able to reduce the need for highly paid technicians.

So their pitch was that great savings could be made by downskilling their workforces.

When they came to Studio Rossiter, they had their KPI’s mapped out and asked us to produce a high-end software demo that could win them tenders.

What we did

Studio Rossiter started by translating their KPI’s in to a compelling video script that spoke the language of industrial customers.

We then used specialist software video production techniques and high-end animated graphics to bring the script to life.

The end result was a cutting edge medical software video that they used as a focal point for the launch of their app.

What they said

Upon seeing the final video, they said;

“Just looked and I really like it! Thanks again for your work”

The video is now centre stage on their website – and clocking up the views on Youtube every day.


To see the possibilities of what you can do with your upmarket software demos – click the links below:

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