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Q: I have two questions. I’m looking to have a video created such as the GSH video, and would like to find out the cost if I provided the storyboard, with everything else done by you. Also my website designer would like to know the final size of the file so I can work out how fast it will be to stream, thank you.

University, Midlands

A: For the last two days we looked at the script development issues of the GSH style of video (please see Our Corporate Video Marketing Gallery for example)

Now it’s time to run the ruler over the vital issue which is always on everybody’s mind – the cost.

These videos cost thousands each. This isn’t cheap for 90 seconds, so you have to look at the value that’s delivered when making your decision. First and foremost, if your video gets remembered by the audience, then the money is peanuts by comparison. A good promotional video always has the potential to make an organisation thousands or millions of pounds. The crucial issue is: Will my video make me thousands or millions of pounds?

At Studio Rossiter we believe that the typical 4-5 minute corporate video comprising voxpop testimonials is getting rather long in the tooth. We’re not decrying testimonial marketing, or saying that no one should ever use voxpops, but at least look at more effective alternatives. Which is where the animated caption style of video comes in.

However, animation is painstaking work. It can take an hour in the Studio just to produce 1 runtime second. Or at least it will if you’re doing the work properly. And this studio time has to be paid for, which is why it costs £10,000 for 90 seconds.

What you get for your money is a lush organic pacey message, so superbly illustrated that it captures audiences and wins their confidence. It becomes an emotional experience for them and it relates directly to your services. What could be better?!

Regarding file size: A flash video or Windows wmv file runs at about 1 mb per runtime minute, so a 90 second video will be 1.5 mb, which is peanuts in terms of server space. However I do recommend using a professional video streaming server service who can guarantee uninterrupted plays with multiple users for a low monthly rental. Compare this to the vagaries of your university server which is probably fairly stressed out already. Spend a little and get a proper service that matches the quality of your original investment in video.

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