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Q: I have two questions. I’m looking to have a video created such as the GSH video, and would like to find out the cost if I provided the storyboard, with everything else done by you. Also my website designer would like to know the final size of the file so I can work out how fast it will be to stream, thank you.

University, Midlands

A: Yesterday we looked at script length, favouring the 150 word approach. Today we need to look at script style and structure. If you’re new to this check out the instant impact video style in question here 

You’ll see that animated caption videos have to be read onscreen, as there’s no voiceover. Which means writing short crisp sentences that are easy to read. This is doubly important as the tempo is quite fast, and intended to keep the audience alert and on their toes. Sentences that are fine for written text come out as hard to read when animated.

The other problem with script development in this style is to avoid producing endless bullet point lists like a sort of animated powerpoint. Audiences quickly spot a tirade of bullet points, and almost automatically start to tire.

Bullet lists have their place, but they have to be welded into the whole script structure so that everything is precise, readable and informative, with no fat or clutter.

The original question was whether the university could write their own script for an animated caption video. My answer is no, you probably couldn’t. With the restrictions in runtime, the need for crisp sentences and the avoidance of long bullets, you’ll probably need some help. At Studio Rossiter we haven’t got a magic bullet to say “here is a script from on high” but we will sit down with you for two sessions and work to develop the perfect script for you.

And the perfect video script is worth having. It’ll go the extra mile for you every time, and win audiences, give them something to think about, and generally impress them that you’re the number one outfit to look at.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at video streaming issues and costs …/

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