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Q: I have two questions. I’m looking to have a video created such as the GSH video, and would like to find out the cost if I provided the storyboard, with everything else done by you. Also my website designer would like to know the final size of the file so I can work out how fast it will be to stream, thank you.

University, Midlands

A: The animated caption style of the GSH as you suggest, is an excellent way to present your university, as it offers the maximum possible bang in the shortest possible time, ie, 90 seconds, which should appeal to your MTV-fed student marketplace.

We find from experience that when our clients approach us with script ideas, they usually run to 3 or 4 minutes, as it’s easier to write a long script than a shorter one.

But this is not the strength of the animated caption video which is only 150 words, rather than the usual 400 plus.

This means we have to work together to develop a script of 150 words that can do a better job than the more typical 400 word script. At first this looks to present a big challenge as 150 words seems too few to present a university’s whole story to a student (or indeed any organisation’s scope and capability)

However in practice, we find that our script development sessions with clients repeatedly demonstrate that not only is the 90 second script possible, but that it’s desirable. A well thought-out structured message over 90 seconds delivers such a quick precise message that the idea of a 400 word script seems cumbersome, even elephantine, by comparison.

Today’s audiences, especially young audiences, respond better to short high impact messages. They take onboard what is said, finding it easier to remember, which is the whole point of the exercise in the first place – for them to remember what you tell them (as a side issue consider how many videos you’ve seen where you hardly remember a thing!)

Tomorrow we’ll look at how animated caption video scripts differ from other scripts, plus we’ll look at the video streaming issues and costs.

contd tomorrow …/

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