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Q: Trade Union sales & marketing presentation for recruiting new members
We’re a trade union and we’re considering a video or animation/multimedia sales presentation to help recruit new members.
We’d likely to explain what the benefits of membership are to an age range of 21-30.

We envisage an overall duration of 5-6 mins, with an associated 30 seconds viral marketing element.

We don’t mind film or animation though we tend towards the latter. We want a serious message, but with a slightly humourous approach. The video needs to be standalone (whether streamed or on disk), and playable in a group environment, when we’re doing a presentation to a group of staff.

Our objective is to win more members at all possible opportunities.

Communications Manager
Trade Union

A: The key to effective marketing is to offer a choice of flexible sales presentations, allowing your union to reach all new member Touch Points, or potential viewing situations. In other words, cover every route to market.

The sort of solution you could consider for this would be based around (but not exclusively) a multimedia cd-rom presentation.

It might comprise:

> A short Teaser video designed to win attention

> An animated Multimedia Slideshow

> The option to launch case studies or local information relevant to the presentation.

The presentation will come in three menu-driven versions:

> Voiceover autoplay version, where professional voiceover narrates the slides

> Clickthrough version with a presenter person talking over (similar to powerpoint)

> Autoloop version for continuous play at union conferences and major employer events

Each version will have the same animated slide content. The differences are whether a version will be voiced, non-voiced or looped.

In addition, the teaser video and slides from the sales presentation can be streamed from the website

The teaser video can also be played as a DVD.

There’s more sales presentation infromation here


2016 Digital Video Guide


Advantages of the multimedia video sales presentation approach

> Every possible touch point is covered

> The presentation mix of animation and video will look impressive and persuasive

> The style is particularly appealing to a young professional audience

Hopefully this outline to designing a sales presentation to recruit new union members helps.

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