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With the wave of low quality video latching onto the olympics, we’ve picked 5 high quality YouTube video campaigns we think you’ll like.

1. Sport At Heart

This was the video that was used For the London 2012 Olympics bid team. Produced and screened in 2005, it features a number of British celebrities – such as Jeremy Irons and Helen Mirren – and a number of British athletes.

It shows just how important it is to have a winning video for any bid. You can click here to see some examples of instant impact corporate bid videos.

2. Meet The Superhumans

The advert that Channel 4 are using for their coverage of the Paralympic games.

It shows people who are living with disabilities competing at a professional level – stating that they are ‘Superhumans’ for not letting their disabilities stand in the way of their success.

We can’t embed this video but it’s well worth watching!

3. Out Of A Rainbow

The ‘birth’ of the official London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic mascots – Wenlock and Mandeville – is shown through this 3D animation.

Don’t worry, it’s not what you think!

They are both droplets of molten steel from a Bolton based furnace.

Perhaps one for the kids, the video promotes the spirit of the olympics in a fun and entertaining way.

4. Olympic Village Flythrough

Released in January 2012, this shows the completed Olympic Village and all of its architectural achievements, including the:

> Velodrome

> Aquatica Centre

> And – of course – the Olympic Stadium.

5. Handover Video

At the end of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Mayor Boris Johnson arrived in the Birdcage stadium. And he arrived in style – on a big red double decker London bus!

Luckily, the video he brought was a bit less corny.

Bonus Video: Monty Python Silly Olympics

Title says it all!

So, for your amusement:

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