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We already know that video production is a very fast paced industry. It’s rare that what was used and done 2 years ago will be the exact same today.

An innovation culture is absolutely required to stay at the top of the game.

For example, equipment and technology needs to be updated every year or so at the very least. This isn’t just replacing old parts – but gaining additions and increasing the variety of equipment & devices available.

Further examples include perhaps extra lenses for the video camera, motion tracking machines (like steadicam) or dazzling new plugins for the video editing software, and post production.

This is the more expensive side of innovation in video, but highly necessary to keep delivering top quality video productions.

Production techniques – as with many industries – require finding new and better ways of doing things. It’s a constant process. Think of ‘Kaizen’ a business philosophy in Japan – meaning small continuous improvements.

At Studio Rossiter we’re always finding new ways to approach work, such as what will make it simpler? Or easier for us – and the client?

Another important area where innovation is required is the business message. The way of approaching training & marketing messages in video has developed significantly.

For example, in workplace safety culture, it was common to highlight the accidents and dwell on the negative side of safety in video inductions.

Now companies take a more positive approach with safety video, encouraging people to be friendly and offering rewards for no accidents. This is a huge step forward and quite a dramatic change in culture.

In marketing we see the same. Long winded boastful sales messages have been replaced by shorter, exceptional propositions that reflect a deep knowledge of client needs.

Why is there need for innovation?

The corporate video production industry is not a static industry. You can be left behind quite quickly if you don’t keep up.

Clients are frequently helpful, as they often tell you your next set of innovations. They tell you what they want – and sometimes it may not be something you would usually do, or would have thought of.

For the innovative video production company, clients leading the way is a great way of gauging what most business people are thinking and how they want to approach video and their audience – without the need to conduct extensive market research.

Top and bottom, the trends point towards an innovation a day as the base line for any serious video production company to develop.

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