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Tip 1 – Know your audience

Tell your video audience want they want to hear. Don’t simply provide a visual list of what you want to tell them.

Tip 2 – Write a remarkable script

Don’t settle for second best. No matter what your video topic is, write a remarkable script.

Tip 3 – Use a great camera & shoot kit

Great video equipment gives great results – and it shouldn’t cost you any extra. So ask for it. Start with specifying True 1080 HD camera, lighting, steadicam and glidetrack in your quote.

Tip 4 – Plan your shoot in detail

Everything in a corporate video shoot needs clearly writing up prior to shoot. There should be no grey areas. This way you won’t make small but potentially expensive mistakes.

Tip 5 – Use a professional voice

Always use a professional voiceover, male or female. Don’t cut corners here. Viewers can spot an amateur voiceover a mile away.

Tip 6 – Use graphics

Use motion graphic or animated captions and titling to add visual support and excitement to images seen onscreen. Graphics add a layer of intelligence and integrity to your business video message.

Tip 7 – Use mp4 video

The corporate world is migrating away from flash and Microsoft wmv video. Use mp4 and be seen everywhere.

That’s it. Seven 10 Second Tips. Please use.

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