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The first thing most people ask is “what is Video SEO?”

Video SEO is what enables your web or corporate video to be seen by many more people than you’d get without it.

So let’s step back a notch and find out what Video SEO is – this new, important sector of web marketing.

In 2011 Google tell us that “1/3 of all Google searches are now for web video”.

This represents an immense number of searches.

And they’re all from people looking for web videos to view – not necessarily web pages to read, such as traditional search and SEO offers.

So ask yourself:

“Would I like my web or corporate video to appear high up in all relevant searches?”


“Would I like my web or corporate video to appear in regular search rankings, alongside all my regular organic search results?”

Obviously the answer is yes.

High Google rankings for your web video will win you more viewings and more customers.

And Video SEO is exactly the right tool to get your web or corporate video ranked highly in Google.

But a problem may quickly arise, and it’s this:

Many corporate video production companies still don’t really know that much about Video SEO.

If you ask them the odds are they won’t be a lot of help. Or worse. They’ll give you misleading advice, while believing it to be good.

For Video SEO to work, you need to apply 11 different video optimisation processes.

These 11 optimising processes range from keywording, to alt text tags, to script visibility, to xml video site maps and more.

So when you buy your next web or corporate video ask for Video SEO to be included in your package.

Specifically: Ask for details of how these 11 processes will be carried out.

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