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The hidden cost that is buried in every corporate video is face-time.


Customers often like meetings because most of them enjoy talking at length about their corporate video projects – which is fair enough.

And of course they also like to feel their requirement is properly understood.

But meetings can often be equally effective using webcam.

Specifically: Skype Video Calls.

When you consider that all corporate video production meetings have a cost associated with them, such as director and producer time, travel time, travel cost, and even possibly subsistence, you can see that the production costs can quietly mount up.

And you may well need separate meetings for:

> Initial Sales/Briefing Meeting

> The Initial Video Production Meeting

> The Script Meeting

> The Storyboard Meeting

> The Rough Cut video presentation

Do you think these meetings are free?

They are costed into every corporate video production, buried in there somewhere.

Why not ask your corporate video producer exactly how much these meetings really cost? They have to be.

So ask yourself how many of these meetings can be replaced using email and webcam, and what order of cost savings this might deliver?

You’re the Boss. Why not ask.

My Company won’t allow Skype

It’s sometimes cheaper to buy a new internet netbook with skype webcam capability than it is to pay the extra cost that face-time meetings involve.

Even local video production companies, with reduced travel costs know that face-to-face meetings often result in a half day billing.

By comparison an in-depth Skype video call takes 45 minutes to an hour.

If Skype video calls are impossible for you, then try to eliminate at least one of your meetings, and use telephone and email instead.

This will immediately save you money.

Progressive corporate video production companies will welcome this.

Even more progressive corporate video production companies will already have built this into their proposals and work methods.

A number of these corporate video examples were produced without a face-to-face meeting prior to shoot.


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