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There are so many video formats available today it’s become important not to miss out, or your corporate video production might lose valuable plays.

Let’s see what works, and what doesn’t.

iPad and related formats

Working backwards: Currently our own data shows that iPad and iPhone searches account for 1% of traffic to

This isn’t much. It falls below the 5% threshold most businesses see as the “take action” threshold.

But this figure is rising all the time.

Especially with the release of iPad2.

And if your marketplace is young male consumers, or older more well-off consumers then you might take note, because these groups are the most active where iPad and iPhones are concerned.

To ensure your website is compatible, you’ll need an html5 video player for your website, playing mp4 format video.

iPhone also requires a special low compression size of your mp4 video file.

Got that? You need an html5 video player, and an mp4 format video file, or your video won’t work on iPad or iPhone.

Blu-Ray and High Quality HD formats

Blu-Ray presents a distinctly different story.

What Blu-Ray really delivers is video that is True 1080 HD, which is techspeak for a brilliant picture.

Now, whether you play a True 1080 HD video from a Blu-Ray player, or play it from an mp4 video file on your laptop, makes little difference to the final video viewing quality.

Both will look better than anything else when used on a corporate projector, which is commonly how corporate video productions are viewed in meetings.

To get this level of quality you need to specify your corporate video production is delivered as H264 mp4 file, at 1280 x 720 pixels.

This shouldn’t cost more. But you do need to ask and make sure that this is what you’re getting.

Your Windows Media Player will play this file on your laptop, though you’ll need a more powerful computer (or good graphics card) for smooth playback. Don’t expect miracles from an old machine.

As for Blu-Ray?

I personally see Blu-Ray a non-starter. I don’t see any future in silver spinning shiny media as a lasting technology.

Solid state storage or high quality streaming are the new queens on the block.

For example, for all our Studio Rossiter video shoots we shoot direct to a small convenient 32GB SD card – with no moving parts.

We record video files direct to card.

And we mostly deliver video as files to clients to use on their laptops.

We generally feel Blu-Ray (and DVD) has reached its limit.

So I’d advise you not to get your new corporate video delivered on a Blu-Ray disk if you have to pay extra for for it, unless you think you really need it.

mp4 files are the way forward, whether for super high quality True 1080 HD playback on a laptop, or for better quality small streaming video files.

To view an mp4 corporate video production look here

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