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Here are 2 more tips to to ensure your web video actually gets played.

In our last blog post we looked at the importance of the placeholder graphic. Today we look at styling the whole web video production to fit the web page and its message.

This means ensuring your web video looks and feels like part of the web page that it appears on – and doesn’t look “stuck-on” as an afterthought.

This is not difficult to achieve.

Provide accurate pixel dimensions.

You need to give your web video editor the exact pixel dimensions you require for your web video so it fits precisely on your web page in your precise preferred location (more on this in a minute).

With modern editing tools, the video editor can now edit your web video literally inside a graphic mock-up of your web page.

This means the editor can always see exactly how the video will look in your page – while they work! It follows that the colours, fonts and images in the video will match your page so much more accurately.

Brilliantly simple.

Carefully Consider the Video’s Location on the page.

In the same vein, the page location of the web video, complete with it’s placeholder graphic, should be carefully considered.

Burying a web video below the line, ie, not visible without scrolling down, inside a small box will mean it gets very few plays, compared to a more prominent position.

Likewise sticking a web video in one of the sidebars will reduce the number of plays.

By contrast, putting the web video in the top banner area with a large and gorgeous graphic will win many plays.

In case you’re nervous of giving your web video production such valuable screen real estate as the top banner area, consider Yahoo research from September 2009 “An engaging video wins 250% more clicks that a rich media or graphic.”

In other words, video dwarfs flash or banners.

If it means replacing your existing flash or rich media banner, then do so.

Use this knowledge and give your web video production prominence.

Then you’ll get more plays than competitors who don’t.

Here’s an example of a web video production given prominence

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