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There’s nothing worse in business than losing your audience. It’s a mistake best avoided.

Does it happen very often? You bet!

Especially in the age of at-a-distance digital marketing.

Each day, people arrive on your website looking for something.

It might be a casual visit, an exploratory visit, an urgent visit, a problem-solving visit or a first step in their buying journey.

You lose them for three reasons:

1. Not a good first impression.

2. No way to engage.

3. No clear understanding of interest and problem.

Let’s consider these customer exit decisions in reverse order.

No clear understanding

Avoiding customer-loss starts with you having a clear understanding about yourself: What you do, what you are best at, what kind of customers you attract.

You start with an advantage. You already have customers. You’ve met them. You’ve learned what they are like. You know what they wanted. You know what you supplied them. You remember their personalities and have some experience of how they like to interact with you.

Without knowing this then showing what you know, online visitors can’t identify with you.

They won’t ‘recognise’ you.

Recognition is the first step of their journey – their question “Have I arrived at the right place?” needs your unequivocal answer.

This entry stage usually takes customers under five seconds to complete. At most, ten.

They continue, or leave in droves.

No way to engage

What engages people most?

Two things:

> The clear message that here is an answer to their problem.

> An uninterrupted message.

The word ‘uninterrupted’ is critical.

Someone may arrive fully focussed on their task but be distracted within the first minute, either by their ‘internal chatter’ or by ‘irrelevant elements’ in what they see.

The best way to subdue ‘internal chatter’ is to give them a completely immersive experience.

They stop thinking about their daily swirl of issues and start paying attention.

To sideline ‘irrelevant elements’, get them watching a video with a script that guides them flawlessly from A-Z in the shortest possible time.

Tell your story well. Stories are remembered.

Not a good first impression

We all judge. Memory and the intellect make sure of that.

Land on any website and we think “Nice design”, “Cheap looking”, “Too brash for me”, A bit technical”, “Just like the last one” “Uninspiring”.

Long before buying, a customer’s process of elimination is savagely at play.

Their ‘shortlisting’ starts with first impressions. The more sites they see, the higher and more informed becomes their standard.

There may be a limited number of companies that can do what a customer wants, or there may be dozens.

If you are one of a limited number, you don’t want to be culled at first glance without having the chance to say why you are a good choice.

If you are one of dozens, you’ve already done well just to get noticed.

You don’t want to compromise this success by appearing amateurish, behind the times or somehow incompetent.

There are dozens of subtle indicators of mediocrity that can instantly warn off the buyer.

To win, you have to shine. The facts are not enough.

In the digital world, business has to become entertainment.

So what’s the answer?

How do you best serve your own interests and the needs of the visitor?

For all of the above exit reasons, it’s the same solution: Avoid customer exits by maintaining the flow of attention.

This is the single most important lesson for business today, whether for marketing, sales, customer support or training.

How we maintain the flow of attention

In three words: Engage, Retain, Satisfy


This has to be instant. Thinking takes up time and everyone’s time is precious.

The default setting of the busy buyer is ‘I have other things to do and see, please impress me’.

Your homepage needs a strong focal point that establishes eye contact.

In one glance this must deliver a major benefit, convey quality and require an action..

The most common action in the business universe is … PLAY.

Right at the top of your homepage your implied service message should be “Like what you see?”, “Want to go further?”, “Click PLAY and leave the rest to us”.


This is the real test of what you know, including what you know about your audience.

This is where your aspiration meets your achievements.

The way to maximise viewer retention in a business video is a brilliant script.

Without the right words in the right order, the visuals are doomed.


Richness of content brings satisfaction to the flow of attention.

It evokes ‘feel good’ moments.

A great script, plus great visuals, plus a great mix of sounds takes visitors on a pleasing journey to an end point with a natural opportunity for a Call to Action.

Doing it right earns you a ‘What Next?’ moment.

This Call to Action should promise more pleasure, deeper interest, further reward.

With one click and by typing an email address, a visitor can continue along their road to fulfilment with confidence because you have already served them well.

Contact has been made. There has been a meeting of minds.

It has been a transaction of promise. You have delivered.

The first building block of your reputation has been laid.

They will be back for more.

For examples of marketing videos that Engage, Retain & Satisfy – go to our Marketing Videos.


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