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This is the first in a 5 part series of blog posts that will approach the subject of character animations.

We will be discussing everything from who wants a character animation and why to the little details of how to go about actually producing a character animation.

They’re written by our in house Motion Graphics Designer – Harry.

So, lets start at the beginning, who would want a character animation and why?

Well this subject is getting a lot of attention at the minute.

Most of the interest is coming from companies who supply a product or service that isn’t tangible, therefore it’s difficult to film.

People are realising that with animation anything is possible – fiction can become reality!

In short, character animation web videos are a great sales tool.

But how do you go about developing a character animation that informs the viewer about the inner working of your product / service whilst at the same time creating the illusion of reality?

Well, there are a number of properties, unique to character animation, that must be implemented to bring the video to life.

After all, this is what we’re trying to achieve: take a series of images and animating them, to give the illusion of life / realism.

The main factors required to make this illusion are:

> Lip syncing to an audio track

> Creating ‘walk cycles’

> The soundtrack: music, sound effects & foley

> a selection of images to suggest an environment

It is this combination of all these different elements that will allow the viewer to connect with your character and believe in your product.

If you miss just one of them out, the video will be flaky and lack impact.

Or even worse, the message you are trying to deliver will get lost!

In future blogs, I will be looking into these factors in greater detail.

But be warned, it’s going to get a lot more nerdy from here on!!

See samples of Studio Rossiter’s character animation

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