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Why do some marketing videos look extraordinary and impactful while others - speaking plainly - look dull and boring?

The quick defensive answer is to say something like:

"Well look at the money so-and-so poured into their video. If only I had their budgets."

Lack of budget is a poor excuse for a lame video, because great videos can still be produced cheaply.

Lack of knowledge is more likely the real cause

- specifically lack of knowledge about video special effects that are readily available for every hungry marketing manager to exploit.

There's a whole smorgasbord of special effects eager and willing to be used at every stage in the marketing video production process, if only you knew what they were?!

10 video special effects to use when filming

Here's a list of 10 common special effects used when filming company video:

1 - Webcam time lapse - for fastmo playback of events or build-ups to scenes

2 - Steadicam handheld shots - to follow the action without camera wobble

3 - Motorised ultra long glide track - for adding moving camera brilliance to ordinary shots

4 - Soft lenses - to hide dull or untidy backgrounds while bringing the forefront action into focus

5 - Drone quadcopter - to get the big overview picture that always looks impressive.

6 - Crane shots - a swooping camera on the end of a portable aluminium pole offers stunning dynamic panoramas

7 - Teleprompt - so your speaker doesn't mess up their lines

8 - Green screen - so speakers look more professional against a selected corporate background

9 - Creative lighting - it only takes an extra 5-10 minutes to light a shot and give it more presence

10 - 2 camera shoots - for B Roll footage that shines

Every professional video crew should have all, or almost all, of the above available for filming.

The only extra cost they might require is either:

  • a second camera operator or assistant
  • a little bit more time allowed for filming, as special effects take time to rig up.


With so many special video effects available for filming it's crime not to ask for them, as they're either cheap or free.

If your marketing video production company can't offer them, then find another company who will.

But it's up to you, the hungry marketing manager, to ask - or at least check you're getting all that you should be getting.

Video special effects look great. Use them.

That's the success secret for your next video looking great - on the cheap.

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