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Infographic video is all the rage in 2015, as so many B2B companies and government organisations need to tell invisible stories

– where the value of the service they provide is not something easily seen

– and needs explaining so it is convincingly & persuasively understood.

Infographic marketing video does excatly this, allowing you to Tell Not Sell.

Infographic videos are commonly used in the banking, financial & accountancy sector, science sector companies, IT & software developers, management consultants, and other professional business service providers

– as well as government departments and websites where fast accurate info needs to be spelt out on the web page for all to understand.

All of these organisations are potential Infographic video users

– as all of them need to convey lots of information that doesn’t lend itself easily to photography or filming.

Pro – Infographic Video

> It explains clearly and simply

> It’s relatively cheap compared to filming

> Unbeatable for showing processes, flows, or hard data. The more difficult the topic, the better Infographic video gets.

> It allows for a lot of originality in both design & message

> The results often look great – far better than a live action video could have achieved.

> Infographic is a cool word and is on everyone’s lips.

> Not long ago it was impossible to have one, because digital video technology wasn’t quite there.

> Quicker to produce – so if you’re in a hurry ….

> Look great on an already graphicy-looking website

> Can be as light hearted or as serious as you require

> It lets you say a lot in a short time.

> It makes you look different, which is worth something in a crowded marketplace.

Con – Infographic Video

> Done poorly, it can look very tacky, with lots of disconnected images flying about, and no coherent sense of corporate style. A mish-mash.

> It’s too easy for an infographic video to be “all whizz and no substance”.

> Often they’re too fast tempo’d, as though the editor was frightened of pacing the video a little slower to give the audience a tiny little bit more time to absorb the message

> Long infographic videos are tiring to watch, so it’s short topics only, say up to 2-3 mins max.


The main message is:

> if you need a short video

> and your service is invisible

> then a stylish Infographic will communicate better than any alternative

– and win you kudos for doing it

But beware of cheap imitations.

Look for an impressive portfolio first before you agree to any contract.

You can view marketing-based infographic videos here

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