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In our last post we looked at the must-have videos any software developer needs to have to generate sales both online and face to face.

Today we'll look at the nice-to-have videos, and see how they you further progress your B2B deals to a successful close.

These marketing video can include:

5 - Trust video

6 - Differentiator video

7 - C Level video

8 - Software detail videos

9 - Consultant video

10 - Implementation video

5 - Trust video

If your application is expensive & potentially risky for the client

- then you need a Trust video.

5-10 good reasons why you can be 100% trusted can be critical

- once the deal is down to you and one other competitor.

Never forget that big ticket software deals are probably signed off by someone over 50 who's got a lot to lose if your implementation doesn't work out as expected.

You need to be the most trusted company - especially if your competitors are big brands.

6 - Differentiator video

Late in the sales cycle the client will be taking a long hard look at you and your closest competitors.

Often they won't see a lot of difference between you.

The reason they can't see any difference is because they lack the education in the new concepts and working methods your software will introduce to their business.

A Differentiator video is a fairly short, relatively hard-hitting video that highlights all your key benefits and trust points vis a vis your competitors.

That is, it's all the important things you can say

- that your competitor can't say

- that your client needs to know.

It might be a better implementation team, a higher success rate, a lower cost, a larger scale of benefit.

Whatever it is, it needs to be in the front of the client's mind

- and video is the most impactful way to convince them.

7 - C Level video

If you're after big ticket, high value sales then your client will be big too.

So you need to influence

  • the CEO for one set of reasons, eg, they get an "ultimate control dashboard" for a daily view of their company performance, or some other specific CEO benefit.
  • the CFO will want to know the company's money, processes & profits sit well with your app, ie, the specific CFO benefit.
  • the CIO will be extremely fussy about the technical sides of your product, and have their own concerns about you, or the scope of your application / service.
  • the COO will want to know the impact & benefits for daily operations.

You'll notice that each of the 4 C levels above has a different reason for wanting your software and services.

A C Level video will spell out how each party benefits in a coordinated convincing way.

8 - Software detail videos

If your software is necessarily deep, or you have important vertical markets, then one or more Detail videos will be needed

- to explain the lesser yet still vitally important aspects of your proposition.

You may even need a video to explain the science concept or business concept you offer

- and this is worth doing separately, as it's always better to keep the business benefits and the "science learning" processes separate.

Developers I've known often seem over keen to explain "their theory", when I know that often all the client is really interested in is the pragmatic benefit.

In any event, you need video to handle the common specific questions you know the client is keen to see answered

- questions that the Overview Demo video miss.

9 - Consultant video

A Consultant video is where an acknowledged expert speaks to camera about technical issues surrounding your app and its utlity.

For example:

> If implementation is a major issue, then the Consultant can discuss the different implementation approaches and their background

> If it's difficult for the client to determine how extensively to implement your application, it's good to hear an expert on video discussing the pros and cons of a deeper or shallower implementation.

Indirectly, the Consultant video is another 3rd party who can help you win more deals

- so get them on video supporting you, building confidence by sharing their special knowledge.

10 - Implementation video

Some implementations are terrifying for the client.

Everyone knows how a "3 week implementation ended up as a 6 month nightmare".

An Implementation video is a short digital video that constructively spells out the implementation steps

- allowing the client to grasp what will come once they've signed your contract.

This has 2 distinct benefits:

> it encourages the client to trust you - more than your competitor - as your video explains how the implementation works, and what to expect. It builds confidence that you know what you're doing and are capable.

> It helps the client to visualise the implementation, ie, visualise life with your product in a real and meaningful way. It fires their imagination to prefer doing business with you.


Trust, differentiating, C Level reaction, Vertical markets, Implementation, Expert opinion are all factors that strongly influence the choice of software vendor.

The question is: Are these additional videos something you must have - or merely nice to have.

You decide.

Marketing video will determine your future as a B2B supplier.

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