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If you’re a software developer selling to businesses, you’ll be regularly asking yourself:

“What marketing videos do I have to produce to effectively build my business online?”

Here is a list I’ve put together – what I’d call the minimum video requirement for any software developer wanting to expand successfully the B2B marketplace.

The basic essentials

These are your must-have videos

1 – Software overview / demo

2 – About us

3 – 2-3 video testimonials

4 – Suite of support / presales / tutorial videos

Nice-to-have videos can include:

5 – Trust video

6 – Differentiator video

7 – C Level video

8 – Software detail videos

9 – Consultant video

10 – Implementation video

The above will cost £20,000 GBP or more.

If the cost hasn’t put you off, then please read on.

Why software companies need a video plan

B2B software sales is a unique world on its own.

In its simplest essence you’re asking a client to to give you a lot of money to forget their existing system or proven process

– and replace it with your software solution & support services..

This is a risk, that could cost the buyer their job if it all went wrong.

Typically the benefits of ownership are immediately obvious, such as “faster, cheaper, better”

– and this is what will excite business buyers at first

– and generate leads from your website.

But what happens next?

Maybe you visit the client, maybe not. It probably depends on how much the deal is worth vis a vis the time you have to put into it.

But three things are certain:

> the client will soon be looking at your competitors as well as you

> the client will be getting nervous when they start to appreciate the risk you represent

> the client will be confused by the finer points between your software and your competitors’ offerings.

Now let’s look at the different software videos and their sales & marketing functions

– and benefits to you, the software dev.

1 – Software overview video

This is your demo video, which explains the scope and benefits of your application.

Typically they’re 2-3 minutes long.

On your homepage they’ll spell out the initial message for your client.

The demo video is also useful to kickstart face to face meetings

– or for the buyer to pass on to colleagues

– and champion your cause.

A variant of the demo video is to have:

> a 60 second blockbuster on your homepage, purely and simply to generate instant excitement and give a taste of the benefits your alternative system offers.

> followed by a 3-5 minute in-depth video on an inner page that gives the client a better appreciation of your app.

2 – About us video

Big clients want to know who you are.

They want to know about your company, team, vision, partners, longevity, who else uses you, vertical markets and whatever else they need to know to feel comfortable backing you

– because backing you is what clients are doing.

An About Us video will build confidence.

3 – Testimonial video

Clients don’t just want to hear someone else say how good you are (although this is nice)

– they want to know what to expect from implementation, support, style of collaboration, and a hundred other little things.

Written case studies help

– but nothing beats the power of video showing a respected client tell it like it really is on camera.

Nonetheless, not as many testimonial videos get made as you’d think because:

> good testimonials aren’t cheap, compared say, to a suite of tutorials videos.

> you often need more than one testimonial, although one is a good start.

> clients are reluctant to appear on camera.

So great testimonials are worth their weight in gold

– but not so easily come by because of cost & willing clients.

4 – Tutorial videos

Telephone support costs a lot of money as, unless you’ve been in business a long time, the person answering the phone is probably a high-powered coder, dev or consultant

– and support is a very expensive use of their time

– especially when 50% of support enquires are the basic same-old-same-old questions.

Software video tutorials have numerous benefits, the biggest being:

> less support calls, ie, less cost

> clients often prefer to find an online tutorial, compared to making a phone call or email to you. Phoning or emailing is usually the last thing they want to do if there’s an alternative.

> a suite of tutorial videos is very encouraging as a presales support item as they allow the client a better understanding your application and services in the real world.


An overview, about us, testimonials and tutorials are a software company’s basic marketing video requirements.

These are what will deliver for you throughout the sales cycle

– and save you costs once the client is onboarded.

In our next post we’ll look at the nice-to-have videos a software company needs

– and discover whether they’re essential too.

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