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The Importance of Video in B2B Marketing

B2B video is a rapidly advancing website capability and is growing as a popular marketing trend. Customers visit your page numerous times before making an enquiry or sale.

Therefore, it is important to make a good impression and transform web visits into sales.
In today's market customers have the desire to educate themselves.

This means it is necessary to reach and engage your potential customers by supplying the necessary information.

Demonstrate 'Scope and Capability'

  • B2B video makes sure you provide quick and clear information. It shows and explains the advantages of your firm over others. 



A trustworthy approach

  • A B2B video can allow your customers more insight into your company. It can show off your firm's personality and consequently gain a more trustworthy reputation.
  • Customers see what they're getting.

Testimonial videos

  • It promotes your product/service by getting other companies to vouch for you. Shows evidence that your business is worth working with.
  • It creates less bias for your customers and further proves you as a trustworthy source.



Product videos

  • A video shows or explains each individual product you offer, hence, equipping your customers with more 'scope and capability'.
  • Differentiates your business in the marketplace.

FAQ videos

  • A great customer service tool which can help people more directly and precisely.
  • Sustains a customer's desire to educate themselves. It can also eradicate traffic to your call centers.
  • Training videos supply a wide range of knowledge that enables everyone to understand the same topic. In return it supports communication between seller and buyer.

2016 Digital Video Guide

What About The Cost?

For B2B videos most companies expect a high quality to properly demonstrate the benefits of their business.

This means allocating about £1000 per runtime minute.

This is for videos such as product overviews and explanations as to why customers should use you.

Videos that are FAQ based or software training you can expect to pay about £500 pm.

This is only an estimated figure and there are variables which can increase or decrease the price.

For instance;

Are you going to use expensive actors and camera equipment?

Or will you stick to a more simple and less expensive approach with a voiceover?

What styles and visuals will you incorporate?

To get an idea of your budget it is advisable to assess how long you need the video to be.

Also think of the amount of different videos you will need.

You can use the above figures to get an estimate for your budget.



You can give other companies more information and directly engage them in just a few minutes.

Most customers want to educate themselves.

Helps potential customers discover who you are and what to expect. This encourages them to sign up with you.

Multiple B2B videos can clearly define each of your products/services and cause you to stand out among other competitors.

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