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Q: We need a video to showcase our new warehouse to visitors. Can you provide me with a cost?

Communications Infrastructure Specialist

A: How much will a video cost? This is a question we get asked all the time, as obviously everybody has a budget to work to and needs to know the price.

To help make finding a price easy, we developed Instant Video Quote Online, a webpage that allows corporate buyers to input different creative ideas and specifications and get an instant video quotation.

For example, you can ask questions like:

> Will the video need a presenter or just a voiceover, or both?

> Will it need actors or will your own staff do fine on camera.

> How long is the video going to be?

> How many shoot locations do you think it’ll need?

You can input all of these items into Video Quote Online through simple drop-down menus, and hey presto – instant quotation!

If you’re a first time corporate buyer, there are also 18 short streaming videos on the page. Each of these explains a different element of a video quote by answering common questions such as; using a presenter; editing; how long should a video be; foreign language version considerations; different video styles available; and others.

It’s a very useful tool and was the first of its kind in the world when we introduced it over 2 years ago.

Obviously it isn’t suited to quoting for complex video productions. But for the marketer above who needs a warehouse video to show visitors and customers, then it should be just fine. And I think trainers will find it equally suitable.

To further help the whole process of getting a video quote, there’s a handy utility at the end of the page which allows you to mail the quotation direct to your own mailbox. This is useful as it allows you to get your best price estimate for the video project you have in mind, then store it in your own Inbox.

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