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It's a common misconception that if company has a great promotional animation, it's because they chose a great animation production house.

- well, this is half right.

In truth, it's because that company worked with their animation producers to develop the perfect animation for their business.

And it's this secret collaboration between client and producer that I'd like to let you in on.

Here are 6 key areas of collaboration that help to create the perfect animated web video for your company.

Either read the boring old text, or click the videos to hear what our animated team members have to say.


1. Differentiate Yourself

Analyse your market and figure out what makes you special.

No matter who you choose to make your animated web video

- they'll be asking 101 questions about your company, what you do, and why you're the best.

So do your homework and come prepared!




2. Get Your Story Right

Create a script that'll keep your viewers watching.

If someone is browsing your website, they are showing a keen interest in you, and what you do.

They want to hear your story.

Your Animated Video is your chance to tell that story, and create that much needed Brand Love that you've been working hard to create.

So give your script writer a comprehensive brief.


3. Use Talking Characters

A Talking Character is your digital spokesperson.

Audiences can easily connect with a character.

So if this approach is right for you, work with your animators to create a character that reflects your brand.

You'll reap the benefits later!





4. Get Creative Insight From Your Producer

Make sure to ask advice from your producer.
They can help you win!

Your producer will have helped many companies on the path to success.

So they're ideal for giving you that outsiders perspective, and possibly the winning formula that you're looking for.

5. Combine Animation & Video

A combination of media can give a rich, informative experience.

You don't need to stick to animation only.

If you've got footage that you'd like to include - or if you want something filming...

Your producer will love the chance to include it in the mix.

Animation and video can be a powerful combination!




6. What else to look for?

Multi-language, illustration, creativity.

Make sure you know your animation production company.

Will they be able to help if you need you video translating into Spanish?

Are they able to do all of the illustrations in-house?

Do they have an experienced storyboard artist?


By working with your animation production house on these 6 key areas, your animated web video will set you apart from your competition.

Visit our animated web video page to find out more.


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