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By now most companies are rapidly realising that the “one or two videos” they produced last year are no longer enough to do a proper job of converting web visits into sales & enquiries.

This immediately raises two questions:

> “what videos do I need next?”

> “how much is it going to cost me?”

Prioritising your video needs

Most visitors view your website 2,3,4,5 or even 6 times before buying or completing an enquiry form.

Today’s B2B customers insist on learning for themselves themselves rather than speak to a sales rep.

Even more: They don’t want to buy from companies that don’t help them learn for themselves.

So the question to ask yourself is:

“What must they understand in order to buy or enquire?”

These are the areas – the “understanding gaps” – where you have to spend on video.

They’re your Must-Haves if you’re to successfully compete.

The 6 Must-Have B2B videos in 2015

Put a mental tick against any type of video you think your customers need to see in order to buy.

1 – Video explanations of your unique concepts, technologies or methods

2 – A video overview of your scope & capability

3 – A video for each key product, service line, brand or niche market

4 – Testimonial videos (if you can get them)

5 – A Why-Us video that absolutely differentiates you in your marketplace

6 – An Onboarding video so customers can see what to expect when they sign up with you.

The above are the absolute minimum if you’re going to compete successfully in B2B.

Nice-to-Have B2B videos

After the Must-Haves come the Nice-to-Haves.

These are the videos that your customers or workforce need in order to work well with you.

> Customer support videos won’t replace your Call Centre but they can eliminate 50% of help calls for the same old things. Think of them like FAQ Videos.

> Software systems training tutorials. Your customers or your workforce are using your software systems. It follows that they need proper training, which is exactly what video does.

> Vision & Values video – so workforce and customers can see what you stand for.

Allocating Budget

The Must-Have videos will probably cost you £1,000 per runtime minute.

This £1,000 pm isn’t a fixed figure

– but it’s what companies expect to pay for quality.

It’s easy to spend more with expensive shoots or a cast of actors

– and it’s possible to spend less by keeping to a “voiceover and infographics” formula.

Either way the above figures will give you a budget starting point.

The Nice-to-Have videos will probably cost ½ of that, ie, £350-£500 per minute.

There’s a wide choice of video styles available here too, and their costs will vary.

But for assessing your budget requirement, I’d suggest the above figures will help get you started.

Now you need to calculate how many videos you need

– then estimate how long each video needs to be

– and you’ll have an order-of-budget cost.


> Your customers will visit your site 2-6+ times before buying or enquiring.

> They want to teach themselves – not speak to a salesperson.

Web Video solves this problem.

By educating customers, video solves the “selling problem” for you.

Here’s a collection of B2B marketing videos in a variety of styles designed to beat the competition – on a budget.

What are your 6 Must-Have B2B videos in 2015?

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