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Many software demo videos fail to win the new business enquiry targets expected of them.

This can be for many reasons, not least of which is a failure to know the pitfalls in advance.

Here are the 6 most common blunders made when producing a software demo video.


Blunder 1 - Don't be dull

If your package has the power to change the way people work, play or make a profit, then it makes sense to make your clients feel as excited & hungry as you are.

Dullness is the opposite of excitement - so never be dull - or at least not in a public-facing video!


Blunder 2 - Don't use a single static shot of a computer screen and call it a video

Long static screen shots kill off audiences.

There is nothing worse than a slow moving amateur software demo video accompanied by some boring know-it-all, rambling commentary

- which only makes you look like a bedroom coder!

The tempo of the video should match the rate at which audiences can absorb information, with a change of screen or visual every 2.5 seconds (at least)


Blunder 3 - Don't make it yourself

A professional video producer with the relevant required experience in software marketing is what you need to approach the market seriously.

Going DIY will show you up sooner or later.

Get the best help you can afford!


Blunder 4 - Don't provide unnecessary information

Too much info will make both the video and your package look too complicated.

People are already scared enough of new software - and all the relearning and retraining that goes with it - especially older people with the budgets to buy multiple copies of your application.

Yet It's always a temptation to add more juicy nuggets of info without realising how this overloads customers instead of inspiring them.

Leaving them wanting more will generate more desire than overfilling their poor brains too quickly!

If you need to tell a lot of information, then drip feed it over a series of videos.


Blunder 5 - Don't make it too long

Today's customer isn't interested in a lecture. They want to digest your content as instantaneously & easily as possible.

But don't be afraid of making your video long enough to deliver the complete message package.

Nonetheless, determining the optimal video length is a tightrope for all developers

- and less is generally more.

Here's a clue: 100 words of video script = 1 minute of video runtime.

Knowing this helps you control your video length earlier rather than later.

If your video is unavoidably long, split it into 2 or more videos - in bite-sized digestible chunks.


Blunder 6 - Don't restrict the audience

Don't just produce your video for your website.

Make sure it's promoted via online & social media sites.

Remember to make it in mp4 format for universal consumption, ie, plays across all browsers.

You'll want to carefully consider who'll see your video on youtube and think how include them in your video storyline

- or make separate videos if you have widely differing audiences.



For many software developers, video marketing is a relatively new experience.

Even if you have a marketing manager, you live in a pioneering, expanding world - which is a mistake-prone condition carrying higher risk.

Knowing the above 6 common blunders will hopefully help you navigate in this relatively new area of producing software demo video.


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