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Like many managers you’ve already made your first few videos, perhaps on a mix of sales and training topics.

You may have used one or more video production companies to help you get there.

So where do you go next?

The advice is to find a sole video production supplier you can trust, and depend on.

And here are 5 reasons why this pays.


1 – Reduce video costs through better use of existing assets

Repurposing existing video material enables you to produce more & better video for less cost.

For example, it’s often possible to produce a short website Explainer video just from existing materials, supplemented by video library footage and stills.

You only pay for the cost of editing & scripting, and don’t need to pay for relatively expensive new filming.

But it’ll take a supplier who knows your video assets inside out to do this efficiently. It’s not necessarily a job for a new supplier who’ll need to learn all your existing footage and likely charge you for this learning curve, as well as make hidden newbie mistakes.

Next step: Get your sole supplier to annotate & list out all your assets in an easily accessible form so you can both see what’s available. Use thumbnails as well as text to do this. Start a library.


2 – Plan your strategy better

Too often I see companies with a piecemeal approach to video, producing one programme here and then one there, and using different suppliers in each case.

Choosing different suppliers can happen for many reasons we won’t go into here. We’ll just deal with the fact it happens.

The net result that matters is overpayment and inconsistency

– and another mountain to climb inducting another video supplier.

And overall planning seems like an afterthought.

While many good things can happen in business through knee jerk fast reactions, having a sole video supplier will let everything happen easier and probably faster, with less panic.

Next steps: Look at your calendar and think through how many videos you’re likely to need in the next 12 months. Then find a reliable talented partner you can live with.


3 – Reduce the in-house resources required to produce video

Video always seems to take a lot of time & effort for many companies – which is a hidden cost as well as a nuisance.

There are scripts to proof, colleagues to involve, shoots to plan and a lot of bustle that often feels like an extra brick in your pack. Your colleagues may well feel the same way.

With a sole video supplier who has a well-structured team, you can develop systems that harmonise your efforts, minimising the amount of work you and your colleagues need to do in-house.

This is easier than you think.

Next step: Make good organisation & in-depth resources near the top of your list when selecting a sole video supplier.

Winning Trsut With Video Marketing


4 – Improve your video quality

We all see things better after the event. Maybe the video companies you’ve used don’t quite deliver quite as well as you expected.

Maybe they’re a bit too cheap – or too dear. Or less organised or experienced than you thought. Maybe their work isn’t quite up to the standard you were hoping for.

Or not quite as good as their Showreel initially portrayed.

You need a video production company with a broad scope & capability, bags of experience, able to work in many different styles – as and when you need them.

Next step: Write a bucket list of the 5 key qualities you need in a video supplier, then find one that matches.


5 – Get faster response & delivery times

When you’re in a hurry you need a supplier who gives you priority.

A video production company, a sole supplier that you visibly commit to, will always give you priority.

You need this preference in your favour. And not just when you start the relationship, but always.

Think about it. Iet’s no good having a great video team working for you if they take too long to deliver.

Next step: Ask yourself if your current video production supplier could deliver inside 3 weeks if you called them today with an urgent job.



The above 5 advantages to using a sole video production supplier are in tune with current procurement thinking.

But even better, the 5 advantages combine to give a “sum is greater than the parts” effect

– which will translate as less money, time and effort on your part

– and you’ll make better, more effective video.

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