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It’s widely acknowledged that video is the 2015 company essential – but why?!

Fact: There are 3 huge benefits inherent in all marketing videos.

These are:

> Consistency

> Memorability

> Repeatability

I’d like to explain these attributes – and explain why they work so well with corporate video – yet potentially fall short in other media formats.


Consistency has always been a problem for any sales team.

You might have developed a killer pitch – but every time you go through your presentation there’s always the danger of missing out one vital element.

Or just plain telling it wrong.

This problem is highlighted even further when you realise:

“If my most capable, experienced rep is capable of error – what on earth are my juniors leaving out?!”

This is where marketing video steps in.

Once your video is made – you can be certain that every aspect of your solution is covered for every pitch.

Video guarantees “a perfect presentation – every time”.


It’s widely accepted that video is the most impactful medium on the planet.

Many believe that this is due to the stimulation of multiple senses (eyes, ears) through sight & sound, ie, video.

It allows information to be absorbed more quickly – and retained for much longer.

In practice, this means that you’re able to verbally explain your message and at the same time offer stunning moving images so that your message really drives home.

This combination of sight & sound drives your solution into the mind of the viewer.

This is Memorability.

Messages people won’t forget.


Video is this:

“build once – use many times – anywhere – anytime”.

This point is overlooked and taken for granted – but actually, it’s a game-changer.

Once you’ve produced your video – your perfect message – it’ll always be as good as the day you first made it.

Not many marketing tools offer this.

In fact, no other medium in the world allows for this level of:

> Consistency

> Memorability

> Repeatability

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