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Now you’re using video to win more business, it’s time to take a look at what makes a winning video – and what secret weapons you can pull in to help your cause.

Here are 3 essentials tools I’d never fail to use.

They are:

  • Bigness
  • Brevity
  • Style

Let’s take a closer look.



Everyone tries to big their company up, it’s a natural thing to do. But in fact it’s never been more important.

The core evidence for this lies in classic research that’s often overlooked. It’s this.

Tests on supermarket shoppers revealed this simple but clear fact:

“When a shopper is presented with a choice of two virtually identical products, they choose the biggest brand.”

The takehome for marketers is to big their company up in video, so it looks and feels like it was made by a big global player.

I’d suggest that this can be achieved in 2 ways – though there are a lot more as well:

1 – Filming technique

2 – Post production technique

Filming technique: Aim to capture more Power Shots, ie, shots that have impressiveness in their look. After all, even a simple screw can look great if you film it from the right angle with the right equipment.

Post production technique: Aim to use more graphics & animation that shows the bigness of your reach. So even if you were, for example, a small company in SE London, you could show a London map in a cool animated style and show your reach from the South East right across M25 and Home Counties with animated arrows.

Graphics can make any aspect of a firm’s scope & capability look bigger.




Less is more.

And Wistia’s latest 2015 research suggests web video viewers drop off after 2.8 minutes.

But the hard fact is that many companies find it a challenge to get their script down to under 2.8 minutes, as there’s such a full story to tell.

One solution: I’ve frequently recommended a 4 + 1 solution, where a 1 minute Teaser is produced for the homepage – a real eye catcher

– supported by a longer 4 minute story which tells the scope & capability in some detail. The 4 minute video is for the inner pages on the site where interested viewers will take the time to watch a 4 minute video, so long as it’s good to watch, and offers info useful to them.

Either way, a video script can only include must-haves, with little room for nice-to-haves.

Brevity is always difficult to achieve. Nuff said.



Style matters.

Maybe style shouldn’t matter, and only function should count. But it isn’t so.

Unfortunately for marketers style also costs money – but the difference in the stylish finished result is there for all to see.

For example, an untidy or old factory can be stylishly filmed and post produced so it looks gleaming brand new.

For example: A recurring graphic theme can be developed for the video, giving the whole video a stronger visual identity, ie, the sum is greater than the parts – and more stylish for it. Here’s some marketing videos with strong graphic themes.

For example: More expensive routes to achieving style can include using a well known personality or celebrity to present the video, linking the story elements. But a decent celeb costs money – sometimes more than the cost of the video.

Either way, the above simple examples indicate that marketers need to think more than ever as to how to inject more style into their videos while keeping to their budgets.

Here’s an instant refresher on style from Frank Sinatra – play from 43 seconds



Without the three essentials tools of Bigness, Brevity & Style a marketing video is just another video.

But with them, the world awaits you!