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12 real world steps to producing your marketing video

Like the title says, here are the 12 real world steps to producing your marketing video.

I say "real world" as B2B marketing video production has its own rules, which aren't quite the same as the video production rules they teach in school.


1- Research

Never start a production without this as it'll only catch you out later if you don't.

Questions to ask include:

  • Who are my audience?
  • What are my competitors doing in video?
  • Why are we different?

Possibly you already have Personas developed for the audience segments you want to persuade.

Your competitor videos will need checking out too, so you aren't innocently copying their message and becoming me-too.

And if your differentiators are clear and strong, then your marketing video will win.

2 - Script writing

The script is the engine that drives the video.

Based on solid research, you need to tell a persuasive story with the broadest possible appeal to your target audience.

As a guide, you should allow 100 words of script per runtime minute of video. So a 250 word script will become a 2.5 minute video.


3 - Client approval

In the business world, everyone has their own idea of what should be included in the video script, or how long it should be.

Client approval is an essential step to ensure you, your video production company and your colleagues are all in agreement.

Any underlying disagreement over the script will only surface later - usually at a cost

- so everyone involved has to approve at this stage.


4 - Storyboard

Visuals are determined at the storyboard stage.

At its simplest level, if the script says: " Jack and Jill went up the hill"

- the the storyboard shows a picture of Jack, a picture of Jill, and a picture of Hill.

The storyboard is also a complete instruction set detailing:

  • the video shoot route march & the shots to be taken
  • an itemised list of locations, cast, props, stills, music and graphics required

Storyboarding is a combination of developing the visuals and production plan to see it through.


Winning Trsut With Video Marketing


5 - Acquisition

Once upon a time, acquisition simply meant listing what needs to be filmed on location.

Now, acquisition covers your company stills, existing video assets, video library footage, library images and any other content that may appear in your video

- as well as any video you may need to film, if at all.

The key to successful acquisition is detailed advance planning and good organisation.

If this is done badly, lots of important things will be omitted, leaving black holes in your video.


6 - Post production

This is the studio magic part where the script & storyboard are brought to life through editing.

It includes all video effects such as control over timing, colour and size.

It also includes graphics, animation, audio & music.

Many marketing video clients enjoy collaborating with the video editor, while ensuring their vision is accurately interpreted.


7 - Rough cut viewing

The Rough Cut is the first viewing of the almost completed video, with the rough cut video normally delivered as a file download from Dropbox or similar.


8 - Amends & tweaks

This is your opportunity to make any final small adjustments.

If adjustments are large, it's usually because of large change of mind by someone who wasn't consulted at the script development stage.


9 - 2nd tier approval

Your CEO has to like the video too, and should be considered as a separate stage.


10 - Delivery

At last you can get your hands on the product, an mp4 video file.


11 - Implementation

Implementation, or rollout, may need to be timed with an event you've planned.

Or it may need technical consultation to get it running on your website.

You may also need to instruct salespeople or agents how & when to use the video

- or alert your PR agency to promote it, if this isn't planned already.


12 - Payment

A fair day's work deserves a fair day's pay - and the terms of business are there to be observed.



These 12 real world steps to producing a marketing video have stood the test of time and hopefully provide you with a useful practical overview.


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