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It’s the start of the year and many of you are planning your New Year campaigns, thinking how to get corporate video more involved with your sales messages.

So here’s a small test you can do while you’re waiting for the Tassimo to deliver your next cup of coffee.

  • If you’ve got 7 out of the the following 10 videos then you’re probably well fitted out with video, at least for now
  • But if you can’t score 7 on 10 then possibly your need this list to see where the shortfall lies, and discover where your video marketing message is seriously undernourished

1 – Home Page video

Whatever it takes to tell your message and bring your homepage alive, this is the web video everyone has, so if you haven’t got one, then er … pick up the phone and get one.

As a home page overview, explaining your business proposition, process or features, in a quick powerful online message.

This needs to be a blockbuster, your first point of contact with the new visitor.

It’s the video almost everybody gets first.

2 – Product & Service Promotion

You’ll also need to promote individual products, services or brands within areas of your company site.

For example, 1 video for each product or service offered.

One Per Page is the way to think with marketing video.

3 – Landing Page Video

Companies who spend on adwords like a dedicated landing page video to convert pay per click (ppc) web traffic into real enquiries.

Often this video is the same as the home page blockbuster, though this can be a weakness.

It’s better to have a separate Landing Page version of the video, stressing the greater relevance to the ppc campaign and the needs of your buyer.

4 – Email Video

For certain products, emails with a video inline win more viewings, conversions and click-throughs compared with emails with just text alone.

In turn this means overall increased deliverability of your sales message.

One click in an email is all it takes to get the customer on-message.

You can also use video in email quite imaginatively, such as

– including a video link in emails when answering customer enquiries

– or quite differently, using a video for promoting public schemes, lobbying, and winning public favour, with the video linked into your canvassing email.

5 – Powerpoint Video

Companies who meet customers face to face include their corporate videos in their powerpoint slideshow presentations.

Some companies use as high as 50% video together with 50% slides in their powerpoints.

6 – Online Live Video

As a series of mini online video sessions, seminars or webinars for educating customers in the use of your technical products.

Often this is a part of pre-sales education, usually in the late buying cycle.

7 – Testimonial, Case Study & Review Video

Everybody loves to showcase case studies on film, or impress with a solid portfolio of successfully finished projects on video

– showing your years of experience or advanced capability.

And equally, people are mad keen to read – or view reviews prior to purchase.

From a simple video interview to a full-on project review, there’s a lot of scope for ideas and innovation

– for the simple reason that testimonial videos, case study videos and review videos are more likely to be believed that a self-serving promo puff piece.

A word of warning: Case Studies are the most difficult videos of all to make, as customers are often reluctant to appear in video, even though they might be quite happy to sign off a written recommendation.

Winning Trsut With Video Marketing

8 – Differentiator video

Marketers know the value of developing a website that looks more professional, creative and exciting than competitors.

Now imagine a situation where your potential customer has 5 tabs open and is comparing you with your competitors.

A web video, or better still a world class web video, is often the stand-out difference between sites.

Video is the differentiating tool par excellence.

If your sales cycle is long, eg, 3 months or more, then a late stage Differentiator video is a also good way to highlight the differences between all the suppliers competing for the same tender as you.

9 – Corporate video

Companies use video to speak directly to other companies, such as Suppliers

– or to institutions such as investors

– or to sections of the public or government.

Typically this style of video will include C Level and VIP interviews and comment.

10 – Online Video Channel

Every company wants a youtube channel presence.

Having a youtube channel to host your video is the first step in going viral in your business sector or prized vertical markets.

It gives you “tv channel” presence.

Pick youtube for B2B, Facebook for B2C – and LinkedIn for your video CV.


Did you score 7/10 from the above list? Well done if you have. But I suspect many of you will also score less than 7/10.

The reality is that there are dozens of different types of video that marketers can deploy.

But these 10 will give you a good start when it comes to planning your next campaign, ensuring you have a well stocked video armoury to generate more leads and help win more business.

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