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The extra inch

Sometimes it only takes one extra thing to go right to bag that big order.

Depending on your business, a ‘big’ order can be worth £5K, £500K, £5M or even £5B.

It may be a one-off purchase, a multi-year contract or the first from a customer you’ve been chasing for years. A few of them can transform your bottom line. And boost your reputation.

No matter what size, if they are big you want to win some.

Even a £5K order will involve some kind of bidding process, usually face to face, often requiring a presentation with facts and figures to back you up.

You’ll want your bid to stand out as the best fit for the customer’s needs, but also to make you look like the most trustworthy partner.

You’ll do your customer research, identify your unique selling points, prepare for any weak spots and hope you get everything right on the day.

You may be the best, but will the customer see it like that?

If it’s a big order you’re after and you need to make a better impression than the competition, get a video to do some of your heavy lifting.

Here’s how it works on the day:

1. You take 10 minutes to explain how you’ll solve their problem.

2. You bring up the issues your solution accommodates.

3. You let your video summarise the points again in credible, compelling way.

4. You take questions. The more they ask you, the more interested they are.

How many big orders do you bid for a year? 1, 5, 20?

However many, the value is a big number.

Increase your chance of winning a few extra and this is also a big number.

A bid video will do it for you again and again.

You may drive 200 miles to make your pitch.

After a late night or a high-pressure day you may feel under par.

Your video will arrive fresh as a daisy.

It will be an engaging, trustworthy, dynamic partner. It won’t let you down.

It will be full of your intelligent thinking and our communication know-how.

A bid video will give you an edge. Guaranteed.

How much is this worth to your business? How much will the video cost?

Please ask us. We do this for a living.

We know how to make videos that pay for themselves many times over.

And we can tell you if it’s worth having one made, or if it’s not.

Our advice is backed by 25 years of experience.

Our job is to help you win some big orders.

Please call me.


Please find more info on our Tender Video Production Page

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