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You’re a business, and you want to appear professional, this is a given.

You’ve invested in a professional website that reflects your brand image.

Using free video hosting for your website is not ideal. It cheapens your image.

By all means, put your web video on Youtube, but using it as the main video player on your website is a mistake.

Here’s a quick list of some of the negatives

You have their logo on your site

You’re stuck with someone else’s branding on your website – never good

People can click away from your site easily

Clicking on the video title will bring them away from your website into Youtube, amongst all your competitors videos.

It doesn’t add to the SEO of your website

A properly hosted video, implemented into a video site map, will.

Not much choice on video dimensions

If your video, or the space on your page isn’t exactly 16:9 – there are big black lines around the video.

It’s often blocked by company firewalls

This is critically bad if you’re b2b, imagine all the 1000s of business people who can’t access your video.

Stuck with a screem shot thumbnail

A graphic banner that says “click here to discover why this product will change your life forever” is a better Call-To-Action than a mere screen shot of the video.

No choice of player look

This is fine if you love silver, but what if your site is Purple?

Or what if you want less (or more) options on the player… No chance!


If you want your business website to look professional, using Youtube will not help! Always invest in professional business video hosting

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