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Q: We’d like to start video ad production for a number of our online businesses.

But we don’t know how effective a video ad is.

And we know almost nothing about video production.

Can you help?

Managing Director

A: This video ad production seminar series as a Q&A response seems to be going well. Hopefully I’ve written it so it works for regular business & management people and not just marketers and agencies. So let’s press on:

The next part of the questions is How does a storyboard motivate strangers to act? because this, just like in televisions adverts, is the real commercial objective. And it requires more than the average youtube approach.

The Video Ad storyboard is an illustrated production document showing the visual and audio side of a Video Ad, “the book of your plans”

If it’s professionally produced, it will show the script side-by-side with the selected images, plus any comment you care to post. It will also includes a link or attachment to download the selected music track.

This will enable you to better visualise how your Video Ad is going to look, how it will engage your customers.

The storyboard will be produced by your creative person, after scripting is complete. It it still needs your input to:

> Supply suitable images where necessary, eg, product shots, logo art etc

> Fully approve each category of images that the video ad producer supplies. These should normally be top quality Shutterstock images, or equivalent.

> Make final corrections to the script messages.

The combination of the pictures, the animation, and the music all serve to bring out the message in a way that grips the eye.

This “gripping of the eye” can happen in a number of ways:

1 – Selecting only power images

A power image in a video ad will arrest people. It will make them pause to look. It will motivate them

We call these “power images” because that’s what they have – they have power to influence just by their look.

Don’t forget: A video production doesn’t have to have any filming. It can work well with power images. Stills-only is a perfectly good option.

2 – Use of animated captions

Animated captions, ie, word pictures that bring out what you actually deliver, will really work to emphasise and communicate key points, eg, fast, effective, free, low cost/prices/rates, act now, internet-ready etc

3 – Animation and movement

Animation and and movement is a lot more than just knowing how to jiggle around a picture and some caption text.

When properly produced, animation artfully leads the eye, taking the viewer on a journey, defining what they see.

Timing is critical here, for example, if an animation path is too quick or too slow the viewer loses focus, and the quality of the video message is weakened.

Perfect timing and movement will stop the viewer in their tracks and make them watch. They’ll engage.

It may help to look at some Digital Video samples if you want to discover more about the animator’s art

4 – Music sets the pace

The tempo of the music sets the energy level of the Video Ad production, and is designed to complement your message. For example, special offers are faster paced than sophisticated invitations. Your solution must suit your chosen audience, niche or group.

No matter what the tempo, all the animation and movement is precisely synced to this energy level.

Likewise with the mood. A high level corporate pitch could be an electronic trance theme or maybe classical strings, compared to a B2C lifestyle motivator music track with a hip hop backbeat. It depends what you provide.

Hopefully you can see that when all the above process is considered properly (like in tv studios), the whole visual side of the Video Ad production starts to act in concert, motivating your viewer, who is a stranger, but nonetheless will still be influenced by what they see, by what you show them.

The result is that your Video Ad will engage your site visitors, and motivate them to click more. It creates the right impression – many times over.

Be sure you specify a full professional storyboard for all your video ad productions.

The final 5th seminar in this video ad production series will be how to meaningfully measure your video ad’s effectiveness, your business gains.

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