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Q: We’d like to start video ad production for a number of our online businesses.

But we don’t know how effective a video ad is.

And we know almost nothing about video production.

Can you help?

Managing Director

A: As you know this is the third installment in response to questions on video ad production that I’m asked many times

This section discusses: What is a Great Video Ad Voiceover – Really

The opening comment is that if you were going to cook, you’d know that you need great ingredients.

Video scripts are the same. All marketers will tell you – video scripts need great voiceover if they’re to bring your video ad message to life and persuade, ie, each view wins you the next click.

But there are many features and facets to voiceover.

You need to consider:

> Do you want male or female?

> Are you looking for steady corporate reassurance, or high energy excitement?

> Is your product /service classy? Or is it for everyone? Who’s watching?

> Do you need a tv newscaster-authoritative sort of tone, or more a relating voice? Or a regional accent?

While this can be difficult for a beginner to decide, a good professional voiceover is also an artist in their own right and will usually know how to get the best from your business video message.

It also helps to ensure they have a copy of the background music track you intend to use in your video ad while they’re recording your script.



This helps them find the right groove, and fit in the beat, as well as understand the energy level of your Video Ad script.

When all these things are considered and carried out, you’ll have a voiceover audio track to your Video Ad that will offer a number of advantages:

> It will be distinctive and obviously of a high standard, which immediately sets you apart from the youtube crowd, and amateur “good speakers”

> It will sync in with the visuals and the music, giving a polished smooth performance, at the correct pace

> It will empathise with the mood of your audience and the tone of your product.

In short – it’ll persuade.

More people will be convinced by your video script.

This is what makes great voiceover – really!

The next installment on video ad production will be about storyboarding, the creative visual side to successful Video Ad production.

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