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Q: We’d like to start video ad production for a number of our online businesses.

But we don’t know how effective a video ad is, or what sort of impression it creates

And we know almost nothing about video production.

Can you help?

Managing Director

A: Continuing with Day 2 of this 5 part Q&A response, an introduction to Video Ad Production

What I’d like to look at next is The Value of a Power Script in Video Ads

Remember that while the power behind any video ad is developed on around high speed internet technology, the reason the video ad works is not the network, but the script – just like any other promotion or advertising, whether television or print.

The first thing to consider is that a Video Ad is short, usually around 30 seconds. This is because the viewing public whether using netbook, mobile/iphone, youtube or PC, have no patience.

This short runtime forces advertisers and web owners/managers to submit to the rules; you have to think about what you’re really trying to say.

It actively helps by obliging you to eliminate the inward-looking “what you do”, and focus sharply on the customer, the users, with “what you actually deliver”.

The fastest way to figure what you deliver is to look at your companys home page or landing pages and see what they say, then ask: “what they deliver to the customer”.

Is it an offer? What will they save? Is it a big benefit followed by a call to action? Are you looking for a corporate call to action with senior decision makers? Are you looking for consumer sales? Are you targeting precise niches or markets? All campaigns are different. You decide.

Typically a Video Ad script is 50-70 words long, and in this time you have to creatively convince your customer to take the required action, ie, select your Video Ad objective.

The simplest way to to write a compelling video ad power script is to “heal their pain”.

Consider: Every customer who clicks to your website does so because they have a problem. So speak to the customer in their language, and very quickly show how you solve their problem, how you heal their pain.

Typically your video ad’s opening line will feature how to solve the customer’s problem.

You can follow this up with 1-3 deliverable benefits, in language they can repeat to their colleagues, or post on a forum or twitter.

End on a clear proposition and call to action.

This is the surest way to develop effective web marketing copy of any sort, not just Video Ads.

You needn’t worry if you’re not a great writer, as you should be assigned a professional scriptwriter to write your Video Ad script.

They work with you to develop, frankly, the best – most watched – web script you ever had – your Power Script.

We’ll continue this short seminar in Video Ad Production over three more Q&A’s
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