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Q: We’d like to start video ad production for a number of our online businesses.

But we don’t know how effective a video ad is, or what sort of impression it creates

And we know almost nothing about video production.

Can you help?

Managing Director

A: This is a big Video Ad production question, so the answers come in 5 parts, which I’ll cover each day.

But first, here’s some good news:

Recent research by Yahoo indicates that “engaging video wins 2.5 as many clicks as flash, banners or other rich media”.

This is awesome news for the emarketer or website owner/manager.

The evidence is there in black and white that video dwarfs flash by 250%.

Marketers take note – further proof is no longer needed that video is effective at generating more clicks.

A Video Ad let’s you capitalise on this proven knowledge and help your website become more memorable.

My aim is to simplify the whole video ad production sequence with a series of daily steps aimed at generating more profit on your website using Video Ads.

But first, refresh yourself by taking a look at the Video Ad Promotional Video (You’ll notice no filming was necessary for this production).

While you’re there, also ask yourself how long it will be before inyernet video adertising is as big as tv commercials.



Step One

Get motivated by looking at your existing costs

You’re already outlaying significant sums on web marketing. Like most people, it probably breaks your heart when you consider that a significant chunk of the clicks you’ve paid for have gone and bought from a competitor. How many times does this happen?

Here’s a creative plan to get even.

A Video Ad makes this plan possible as the cost is so low, yet the outcome so effective compared to other online media communication.

You should get payback in a very short time.

To figure this out, calculate roughly (in your head) what a 1% or 2% or 5% improvement in fresh web leads is worth to your business?

Now pair this cost off against the £399 or so you’ll pay for a Video Ad.

You’ll quickly see if it makes financial sense or not. For most companies it’ll be an easy decision. A eye-catching Video Ad offer should quickly pay for itself.

Step Two

Know what your core objective is

A Video Ad is a precision tool. It’ll hit precisely the target it’s designed to hit. So figure out your core objective, your target, and keep to it.

Very likely it’ll be something simple like persuade people to take up your introductory offer, or enquire now for your one-stop solution, or free incentive.

Your effectiveness hinges on simple messages.

Step Three

Look at your competitors

That’s right. Go and look at their landing pages or home page. Open up your top three competitors sites as tabs in your browser. Now compare them with yours.

Next, mentally put a Video Ad on your web page. Start to visualise what would look right for you, and what would impress your web visitors more.

Try to imagine how you can stand out from your competitors. What message will make them click on your site.

Step Four

Sum it all up

Estimate what extra business you need to win to make a Video Ad profitable

Be sure about your core objective

View competitor’s web sites so you know what you need to do to stand out.

With this knowledge in your mind, you can plan your video ad production so it achieves your business aims and beats your competitors.

We’ll continue this short seminar in Video Ad Production over the next 4 issues

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