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Q: I work for a large solicitors, and was just wondering if you could give me an approximate quote for a 5 minute promotional video and also a 10 minute tutorial video. Would it be possible to also provide us with your address?

Marketing Brand Assistant
Solicitors North West

A: Promotional Video
A really good business promotional video for your practice costs around £10k.

You can get them for less, but generally they’re less impressive.

To impress an audience these days you need to convey Bigness and Style, and do so in as short a time as possible.

Frequently I produce business promotional videos that are very effective in only 2 mins. Rarely do I produce one more than 3-4 mins, even though they all cost about the same.

The reasons for this brevity are:

> Clients haven’t got all day to watch video

> Playing a long video eats into valuable meeting time which is better spent in presenting an optimal solution to their needs.

> Longer promotional videos are more likely to become dull, or cover client-irrelevant sections of the practice in too much detail. For example, If I’m interested in a contractual matter regarding a property, I’m only partially interested in your Road Traffic Accident claim performance, and only want to hear a little – enough to know that you’re probably the best. The converse applies. RTA claims don’t want to be overburdened with conveyancing information.

Hopefully you can see the importance of ensuring your promotional video looks highly impressive, particularly when the runtime is relatively short.

You may find a complete digital media solution is what you’re looking for. You can read more info here

I would see a promotional video as an excellent tool to support your marketing to corporate accounts, particularly in new areas like econveyancing where mortgage brokers might have direct access to conveyancing.

If winning more corporate accounts is seen as a major use of the video, then you might consider producing a slightly different video version, specifically targeted at corporate accounts, while having the main promotional video aimed at the public.

One is B2B focussed while the other is B2C focussed.

Companies have quite different needs to consumers, and while you’ll spend more to do this, it’ll be worth it to have the right video tool for the job rather than apply a broad brush and hope for the best.

Training Video
Broadly, a 10 min training video costs £7-8k.

But if the training is on handling a computer system it may cost a little more as I know from experience that computer training videos need a lot of additional graphics and captions to highlight the key areas on screen.

Using graphics this way ensures that the messages are understood properly at the moment when they’re shown.

If the training video is definitely all computer-based, then consider using Camtasia for the shooting as it’ll reduce your production costs significantly. Camtasia is software that records what is seen on screen as an editable video file. It saves going out onsite for a shoot. It still needs a professional script and edit, but eliminates the need for a camera operative.

Overall, you may need two different cuts of your promotional video, one B2C and one B2B, while Camtasia may save you money for your training video.

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