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If you’re a software developer, you probably already know you have about a 30 second window to clinch your next sale.

If you don’t, you’ll lose. Simple as that.

It happens like this:

A potential new customer arrives at your home page.

At the same time, they’ve probably got a few other browser tabs open with similar packages to yours.

But now they’re looking at you.

And their ideas are forming the moment they first look at your home page.

> do they like the look of your site?

> is there a message there that immediately catches their eye?

Of course, if there’s a video prominently displayed, they’ll play it.

Now your countdown really starts.

From the moment they press play, they’ll be making their minds up if you’re the “right choice”.

They’ll expect to be immediately engaged, and taken on a journey that will make their lives easier.

And you’ll have about 30 seconds to make your point.

If your video succeeds in engaging them, they’ll watch the rest of your 2-3 minute video, and quite possibly be in a position to buy – or enquire.

So what does your software video have to show in 30 seconds?

Relevance is the key.

Immediately the video starts to play, you have to show you understand the customer’s needs – and couch this in plain language they’ll understand.

Whatever their problem may be, it’s crucial to show you understand their problem and have an effective solution available.

Just this alone – in the first 30 seconds of your video – is what will win you the right to have your whole video watched.

Of course they’ll watch my software video!

This is a wild assumption.

Google is proving this wrong every day.

Here’s how it works:

Google don’t just measure how many people click your video.

They also measure how long they view for.

And they have 2 rules:

> short views, eg, under 30 seconds, are not good videos

> long views, eg, 75% – 100% viewings, are good videos.

Google will send you more or less traffic depending on the View Time of your video.

You can find this out yourself from Google Analytics – although this isn’t the easiest metric to set up.

But there it is.

Engaging quickly and retaining your viewer will bring you both increased sales of your app, and drive more traffic from all-knowing Google.

The opposite is equally true.

Get it wrong – or “not right enough” – and you’ll lose business from:

> low levels of conversion

> receiving overall less inbound traffic to your site

How to get your software video production right

Our feeling at Studio Rossiter is that you need to engage a professional company with a proven track record in software video production.

Of course, we would say that.

But a professional software video production services company will:

> offer insight into your marketplace so your video message really leaps out as different

> suggest how to show just the right amount of information to clinch the next step

> use outstanding visuals to ensure the customer automatically puts you in the top rank of solution providers, if not first.

The above is worth real money to any software vendor, as it generates:

> increased sales or enquiries

> increased buzz about you

How to pick the right software video production company

Look at any software video supplier’s existing video demos.

Ask yourself:

> did I understand each video – or did they seem to gloss over too much? (all glitter with small substance?)

> did the style of the videos look right for my marketplace? (too whizzy or too staid?)

> did I feel “captured” from the moment I first played each sample.

Three “yeses” to the above are what you’re looking for.

For the record, we provide an end-to-end production service including research, scriptwriting, storyboarding, screen capture, animation, motion graphics video production – with you collaborating and approving at every stage throughout the production of your software demo.

Use your critical eye and looksee for yourself how good professional software video productions can look.

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